Do you struggle to do a push up?  Have you ever wondered why we do them at Wild?  Want to learn the proper way to do a push up?

Then this workshop is for you!  Open to both clients and non-clients, this workshop is a free event taking place at our Boot Camp facility on Wednesday evening, June 15th at 6:30pm.

We’ll discuss why we do push ups, what muscles they target and different variations of push ups.  We’ll also go over modifications to make push ups less challenging but get you on your way to eventually doing a standard push up.

This work shop is suitable for all skill levels!  Proper form is always a good discussion but if you think standard push ups are easy, don’t you worry!  I’ve got you covered with lots of variations to make push ups more difficult so you can keep challenging yourself.

Sign up in the gym or RSVP here.

Wild Workouts Boot Camp

2898 South Delaware Avenue, 53207