Tailored Workouts for Every Goal

What to expect: Experienced trainers create and adapt workouts to fit your specific needs, whether you’re recovering from a joint replacement surgery or building up to run a marathon. The focus will be completely on you and your personal fitness journey in these 30- or 45-minute sessions. Consistent feedback and communication will guide your training program, matching every success and setback and boosting your physical and mental health. And with our Partner Personal Training option, you can train with your bestie and enjoy their support and encouragement. Flexible scheduling and program options will fit your life. Click here to set up your first workout at WILD.

“In 2018, I thought running a marathon would be a good idea.Through personal training sessions, Coach Tom developed an exercise routine to help me develop strength and stability in my distance running. I can say with confidence that our workouts were key in getting me to the finish line.

These days I focus on golf, and our workouts have shifted to balance, flexibility and stability. Again, activities directed to muscle groups and movements unique to the sport. I’ve found the Wild coaching staff to be skilled and committed to helping clients achieve their own goals. And fun will be had along the way!”

Mike Lepow, Joined Wild in 2015

My reason for signing on for personal training was for accountability, and to slowly get back to exercising after an injury. I can’t say enough good things about having Tom as my personal trainer. I love the enthusiasm and individual workouts that he brings to each session!  He does a wonderful job tailoring the workouts to my needs and brings different ideas of how to strengthen the muscles that were affected after injury.  In addition to working hard, Tom brings a wonderful sense of humor which makes the workouts even better.”

Dana Stanek, Joined Wild in 2023

Location: 3058 S. Delaware Ave., in a bustling neighborhood full of shops and restaurants.  And close to St. Francis, Cudahy, Oak Creek and Milwaukee’s Third Ward and Harbor District.

Pricing: Personal training sessions start at $165 per month.