Are you in the Milwaukee area looking for a themed workout or a specific type of exercise you enjoy?  Wild Workouts & Wellness has specialty fitness classes that will fit everyone’s interests. From fun, theme workouts like Rock Your Body where the exercises are choreographed to music, or Power Hour where we coach proper form and technique on Olympic-style lifts.  If cardio is more your thing, we offer Run Wild which is interval-focused training, or Cycle and Strength which involves indoor cycling for 45 minutes followed by 30 minutes of working out with weights.

Whatever your interest, we’ll have a specialty class that will fit your workout goals.  They run throughout the year and are typically five to eight weeks in length. Open to members and non-members alike.

Below you will find our list of specialty fitness classes that are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.  In addition to those listed below, we have many others that pop up during the year.  Visit our blog or event calendar to check out all of our upcoming classes.

Resistance Bands can work any and every muscle group. Learn how to utilize this at-home and travel piece of equipment to its fullest while getting in a killer total body workout.

This class is structured as a progressive workout that will give you different variations on each exercise and is designed for ALL levels.

This class will leave you saying, “This one time, at Band Camp…”

Details: 45 minute classes, 5 weeks

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Boot Camp and Bend in Bay View will be a fun way to enjoy outdoor fitness for all ability levels.

First, you’ll sweat with 30 minutes of Boot Camp exercise.  The next 30 minutes will get you stretched out with 30 minutes of yoga.  Then take your free drink ticket and head over to the Palomino Bar for a sip with your friends.

Offered every summer; beginning mid June through early August.

Details: Thursday nights 6pm at Cupertino Park; sign up for all 6 weeks or individual sessions.

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Get hooked on a workout that will burn fat, tone your body and knockout stress.

Punch your way to toned arms and burn calories with the amazing 45-minute workout.

Boxer’s boot camp will incorporate a blend of exercises that shed body fat and give you the intensity of a boxer’s workout.  Channel your inner “Rocky” as you jump rope, run stairs, punch the pads and so much more.

Not only will you body thank you for this amazing workout but so will your brain as you burn off the stress of the day.

Details: 45 minute classes, 5 weeks

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This is a workout series focused on just arms (guns) and glutes (buns)!

Join us to find out how many different ways you can pump up and work out both of these areas.

After your workout, you may not be able to straighten your arms or walk normally for a few days but it’s totally worth it!

Guaranteed you’ll have fun in this class.

And your hard work and results will be fun to show off to others.

Details: 45 minute classes, 4 weeks

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It’s time to say good-bye to ab-flab with Core Camp!

What is the hardest area to tone up?  If you said stomach, you are not alone.

That is why we designed this workout series to focus on one specific area – your abs.  Not only will you flatten and tone your stomach but you’ll stand taller with improved posture.

This 30 minute workout will combine a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles and increase flexibility.

Are you ready to feel the burn?

Details: 30 minute classes, 5 weeks

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Are you tired of the same old home workout videos?  Does your bike collect dust all winter?  Cycling in Wisconsin’s weather can become questionable from October to May.  We have the answer – Wild’s Cycle & Strength!

Get the benefits of training on your own bike during the winter/late spring on an indoor trainer.

The workout will start with 45 minutes of cycling geared toward improving your cycling skills and cardio workout, followed by a 30 minute strength workout

All you need is your bike and an indoor trainer!

Details: Offered from October to May; Sunday mornings 10am, 8 week sessions

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Wild’s Kettlebell Camp has always been one of our most popular specialty classes. A kettlebell workout will leave your heart pounding and sweat pouring. Kettlebell workouts combine strength training and a cardio component to blast calories and fat so you get a mega calorie burn!  Plus, there a million different exercises you can do with a kettlebell so you will never be bored during your workouts.

Kettlebells 101 is perfect for beginner and intermediate skill level. This class is going to cover the basics of classic Kettlebell movements like swings, snatches, cleans and get-ups. We’re going to make sure you have your form down and build strength and endurance to move up to Advanced Kettlebells!

Details: 45 minute classes, 5 weeks

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Are you ready to hit the weights hard?

If so, get ready for this amazing workout.

We’re talking about using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to help you get stronger, more powerful and turn you into a lean muscle, fat burning machine.

Learn proper lifting form, safe spotting techniques and track progress while you work within a small group.

No prior experience needed.  The small group atmosphere allows your coach to individualize the workout and make sure everyone progresses appropriately.

Details: 60 minute classes, 8 weeks; class is capped at 8 participants

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Run Wild is an interval based running (or speed walking) program, alternating bursts of speed with longer recovery intervals.

The best part of Run Wild is that everyone can work at their INDIVIDUAL level. We’ve had speed walkers to sprinters. People who were gearing up to tackle their first 5k to marathoners. First time runners, former runners who have been out of it for a period of time and avid runners.

Intervals will help with:

Calorie Burn & Weight Loss: Since intervals are all about changing the pace at which you run, your heart rate will be constantly rising and falling during the workout. With intervals you can burn more calories than you would at a steady pace run but in the same amount of time or less, which can also lead to weight loss.

Improved fitness and faster mile/min pace: The bursts of speed during interval training help to get you into better cardiovascular shape. When your aerobic capacity improves, you will be able to work out for a longer period of time without getting tired. It also means that you will be able to complete a workout quicker.

Gets you out of the running rut: If running is your typical cardio workout of choice, hitting the treadmill or running the same route/distance a few times a week can get boring after a while. Adding intervals into your normal workout is a way to fight off boredom and keep you motivated and focused.

If you have ANY running-related goals this season, you should DEFINITELY join Run Wild. You won’t regret it!

Details: 60 minute classes, 7 weeks; offered from spring through fall each year

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