This month we are highlighting our 2 Person Personal Training Program, and Monique & Holly a prime example of how well that program can work to fit your goals.  Monique & Holly have been clients in our Small Group and Boot Camp Programs respectively.  When they resumed workouts after shut down, they decided to give this new program a try.

Read on to see how the program has worked for them, and if you would like more info on our 2 Person Personal Training Program, contact Coach Tara at [email protected]

Why did you decide to switch to 2 person PT?  Why do you stick with it?

We wanted to cautiously re-enter group settings when Wild reopened and and found this to be a great fit. Coach Tom tailors the circuits to how we work out, it’s great for our schedule, and we get to have fun together!

What benefits have you seen from 2 person PT versus your previous training programs?

Because there’s only two of us there’s less time explaining the circuits and more time exercising. It’s great getting immediate feedback on our forms and execution. Plus we love to challenge  ourselves and encourage each other.

Do you have a favorite exercise to do together?  Least Favorite?

Monique: my favorite is step back band rows.

Holly: mine is tossing & kicking back a med ball (what’s the right name?). We laugh a lot during our workouts when we’re throwing med balls at each other. Our least favorite exercise is Bulgarian split squats because we live in a 2-story house and stairs are painful the next day!

What achievements are you most proud of?

Holly: Monique has more upper body strength and I’m happy to say I’ve increased my strength from working out with her. I look at the weight she’s using as a challenge for me to achieve.

Monique: I’m proud that we’ve been working out with Wild for over 4 years and didn’t let Covid derail us. Changing to partner workouts had a big part in that.


What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

Monique: I’m working to increase strength and always want to remain active.

Holly: Ditto. We like to take trips that involve activity and are looking forward to our next adventure.

Why Wild? What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?

Wild is such a fun and supportive environment. Coach Tom puts together effective circuits, listens when we need modifications or have concerns. Plus he’s funny and has great taste in music! We always laugh with Tom.

What advice would you give to other couples considering personal training?

Give it a try! It’s another fun way to spend time together and the next day when you’re sore your partner understands why. It feels great knowing that you’re working to stay healthy for each other.

Stephanie H. has been selected as our Wild Client of the Month for July!  Stephanie has made great strides since joining us a couple of years ago in her mobility and strength.  She has pushed herself in every workout and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress she has made in her journey towards better health.

Stephanie shares her story below.

How did you first hear about Wild Workouts & Wellness?

For years I had a few friends that are clients of Wild that love their experience with Wild and were urging me to give it a try.  I resisted it because I thought it would be too much for me both mentally and physically as I was recovering from an accident.  Fast forward a few years later, I was re-introduced to Wild by a friend and am grateful for the push to do it.

Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it?

This changes weekly.  Any exercise where  I see improvement, I like.  But if I had to choose it would probably be doing floor work on core i.e. med ball roll ups.  I like them because I get to lay down.

Least favorite? What don’t you like about it?

I dread lunges of any sort.  Reverse lunges, side lunges, forward lunges. I dislike them all equally.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Generally speaking, my increased mobility and strength make me happy.  But also the weight loss and slimming down make me proud and want to push myself to get to the next level of fitness.

Why Wild? What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?

I think Wild really distinguishes itself from other fitness clubs.  It does so through a variety of ways.  The individual coaching even in a group setting is very helpful and all of the coaches are very aware of each person’s individual level of fitness as they offer modifications.  There is also a strong sense of community among the Wild clients, and between coaches and clients.  It feels very much like the Bay View culture.

What advice would you give to other Wild peeps?

I really should be the one taking advice from other Wild clients.  But I guess for those that might be just starting out, I would say go at your own pace.   If you are feeling bad about your current state of fitness, forgive yourself, accept where you are in the process and look forward.

Do you have a favorite song or type of music for working out? 

Anything but Dylan. (just kidding).  I like all genres.

What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

Strength building and weight loss are my two priorities.

I started at Wild 2 years ago with the goal of losing 10lbs.  But I really gained an understanding of body composition/strength/endurance and how those things are such great indicators of fitness.  As a runner, my speed and overall running comfort has improved so much with my 3x weekly training at Wild.  And as a Mom, I’m able to carry my 43lb toddler around with ease!

The community of coaches and clients at Wild is second to none!  The excitement level and support you get from everyone in class is such an inspiration.  The coaches get to know you and your abilities so well; they’re always ready with a modification when needed (and also a little push when you need it to get to your goals!)

I worked out at Wild through an entire pregnancy, and the coaches were so supportive, giving me modifications whenever I needed them.  Six months since having my baby, my goals now don’t revolve around the number on the scale – it’s about losing body fat, being able to lift heavier weights, and being able to push myself harder each set.  Wild has given me such great perspective on what being fit is really about.

– Jamie M.

Wild has a real neighborhood feel; you walk in and it’s like everyone knows you. And it’s so convenient and flexible; I don’t have to schedule my life around my workout. The coaches make it fun and provide modifications to your workout—without judgement—whether you’re picking up the 4-pound weight or the 40-pound weight. Because of Wild I feel more comfortable in my skin; I hurt less and handle stress better.

– Cindy B.

Last year I trained for the Fight for Air climb with cardio and weekly practice climbs. This year, I ONLY did Wild workouts for training (and just one practice climb, about a month before the event). My time this year was 1:20 faster than last year, a huge difference! I also cut 4 minutes off my 5K time.

Wild is the real deal! You guys are the best!

– Christina F.

Top 4 Reasons We Love Wild

1.  Expert Coaching Staff. WILD coaches consistently plan and deliver challenging, varied, FUN workouts.  At each session the Coach demonstrates correct execution of each planned exercise to help maximize benefit and points out how poor execution can lead to injury.
2.  Focused Individual Coaching. Each member is well known as an individual at WILD.  Individual goals, strengths and limitations are recognized and held top of mind by WILD staff.
3.  FUN Community. The WILD community, staff and clients alike, is composed of truly interesting, supportive, fun people.  One cannot help but enjoy the camaraderie!   We weren’t expecting to make new friends, but that certainly has happened!
4.  Results. Both of us have achieved significant results thanks to our WILD experience.  It’s somewhat cliche to admit we’re “in the best shape of our lives”, but honestly, that’s the reality.  We are each stronger, have built muscle and lost fat beyond expectation. Thanks WILD for partnering with us on this adventure

– Mike & Jacqueline L.



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