This month we are highlighting our 2 Person Personal Training Program, and Monique & Holly a prime example of how well that program can work to fit your goals.  Monique & Holly have been clients in our Small Group and Boot Camp Programs respectively.  When they resumed workouts after shut down, they decided to give this new program a try.

Read on to see how the program has worked for them, and if you would like more info on our 2 Person Personal Training Program, contact Coach Tara at [email protected].

Why did you decide to switch to 2 person PT?  Why do you stick with it?

We wanted to cautiously re-enter group settings when Wild reopened and and found this to be a great fit. Coach Tom tailors the circuits to how we work out, it’s great for our schedule, and we get to have fun together!

What benefits have you seen from 2 person PT versus your previous training programs?

Because there’s only two of us there’s less time explaining the circuits and more time exercising. It’s great getting immediate feedback on our forms and execution. Plus we love to challenge  ourselves and encourage each other.

Do you have a favorite exercise to do together?  Least Favorite?

Monique: my favorite is step back band rows.

Holly: mine is tossing & kicking back a med ball (what’s the right name?). We laugh a lot during our workouts when we’re throwing med balls at each other. Our least favorite exercise is Bulgarian split squats because we live in a 2-story house and stairs are painful the next day!

What achievements are you most proud of?

Holly: Monique has more upper body strength and I’m happy to say I’ve increased my strength from working out with her. I look at the weight she’s using as a challenge for me to achieve.

Monique: I’m proud that we’ve been working out with Wild for over 4 years and didn’t let Covid derail us. Changing to partner workouts had a big part in that.


What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

Monique: I’m working to increase strength and always want to remain active.

Holly: Ditto. We like to take trips that involve activity and are looking forward to our next adventure.

Why Wild? What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?

Wild is such a fun and supportive environment. Coach Tom puts together effective circuits, listens when we need modifications or have concerns. Plus he’s funny and has great taste in music! We always laugh with Tom.

What advice would you give to other couples considering personal training?

Give it a try! It’s another fun way to spend time together and the next day when you’re sore your partner understands why. It feels great knowing that you’re working to stay healthy for each other.