Foam rolling (or self-myofascial release) is one of the best things that you can do to prepare for a workout. Much of the time, we don’t think about rolling something until it is tight or sore, which is a mistake – foam rolling is a great way to PREVENT injury!

Two of the most important benefits of foam rolling are increased blood flow to the body and better range of motion. Both of these benefits will help you achieve a greater workout by helping to prevent injuries and by working your muscles more thoroughly. For example, getting down lower in a squat recruits more muscle fibers, which in turn makes that squat more effective!

Foam rolling can also aid with recovery. We’ve all been there – we hit the weights a little harder than normal and the next day we have trouble sitting down and standing up. Foam rolling before and after that tough workout, with the resulting increase in blood flow, can help decrease that soreness and recovery time.

Many injuries result from adding weight or movement to already tight muscles. This is why foam rolling is SO important both before and after a workout!

If you are unsure how and what to roll… come to our Rolling Workshop! We can provide you with rolls specific to each workout, or to help release areas that are chronically tight or sore. Did you know that you can roll the muscles at the base of your skull, your forearm, and the palm of your hand? It’s not just limited to hamstrings and IT bands!

Here are the details!
FREE Rolling Workshop
Sunday, June 9th at 10am
Boot Camp location – 2898 S Delaware Ave