How did you first hear about Wild Workouts & Wellness?

I used to workout at Snap Fitness across from The Avalon when Wild was at that location (2012ish). It always seemed like the Wild clients were having much more fun than me while I was running on the treadmill.

Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it?

I like chest presses, skull crushers, and French presses because they are challenging and each time I can go up in weight, I feel like I’m making progress.

Least favorite? What don’t you like about it?

I really had to think about this. There are some exercises that I think I don’t like, but once I finish them, I feel like I’ve accomplished something, so then I like them. Pretty consistently though, I dislike the burpee (sorry, Christy). I don’t like them because I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any better at them since I started doing them. Maybe I just need to practice more 🙂

What achievements are you most proud of?

I typically think of physical achievement in terms of the scale, but since I started at Wild, I’ve seen changes in my body that aren’t necessarily reflected on the scale. My shape has changed and I’ve built muscle in places that I previous hadn’t had muscle. I also learned how to do a squat.

Why Wild? What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?

In December of 2018, I decided that my New Year’s Resolution was going to be to do something by myself, for myself, that I was afraid to do.  Wild was it.  I really look forward to every workout. I like that every workout is different and challenging in so many ways.   More than that though, I really enjoy the coaching staff. Each is encouraging, knowledgeable,  personable and funny in his/her own way. They make the workouts fun.

Do you have a favorite song or type of music for working out?

My ideal play list would be 80s New Wave  one hit wonders.

What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

Diet is and always has been a challenge for me and something I’m constantly working on. It’s a struggle, but I feel better knowing that I’m consistently working out and doing healthy things for my body and mind. I’m a work in progress.