Melanie brings enthusiasm and a willingness to try anything to every workout and shares her stories to liven up the room. She’s also starting to push herself harder, using heavier weights and concentrating more on building up her range of motion and endurance.

Everyone at Wild sets themselves on a course to face their challenges and Melanie does so without hesitation. She’s usually the first one in the door and sets about her business, rolling and stretching and preparing for what’s ahead.
Melanie elevates the groups sessions by setting a positive example for everyone in the class. If the circuit is particularly challenging, or she’s suffered a personal setback, she shrugs off those bumps and pushes ahead. Her determination is infectious.
Melanie’s favorite exercise is the Russian twist
Why you ask?  Because they are easy and lots of fun!  Her least favorite exercise is the inch worm because there is too much bending over involved.

We asked Melanie what achievements she is most proud of?

My upper body, which is getting stronger, especially my upper arm strength.

When asked what she liked most about Wild Workouts and Wellness, she replied “definitely the strength training and all the muscle workouts,” which she needs daily.

Her advice to other Wild peeps would be, “If someone wants strength training or upper body strength, this is the place!  With the routines and workouts you can get that accomplished.”

Her Favorite songs to workout to are 80’s songs, modern, and R & B.

Melanie’s challenges and goals are doing the exercises daily,  in and out of the gym.