Do Online Fitness Challenges really work for people who want to lose weight and body fat?

We’ve heard of them all… the Beach Body Challenge; Little Black Dress Challenge; Diet Bet; Paleo Challenge; Whole 30 Challenge; New You Challenge; Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge; 30-day HIIT Challenge…

Facebook, Instagram & phone apps present us with endless opportunities to lose weight, reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, get bikini ready… the basic marketing message is to TRANSFORM your body FAST.

There are usually lots of pictures of beautiful, thin, muscly, men and women who have used the program to achieve their amazing fitness results. (Spoiler alert: those are paid models!)

What happens next varies widely based on you. The question is… do you have the motivation and accountability to do it on your own?

Most of the time that first week will be gang-busters, but then we tend to lose traction FAST.

Why? Because it’s hard to be connected and accountable to a person or a community, VIRTUALLY. And let’s face it, if you were motivated to do it on your own… wouldn’t you already be doing it?

At Wild Workouts & Wellness, we’ve been running in-person Boot Camp Challenges at our metro-Milwaukee facility for a decade. We have it down to a science and we have over 400 current clients and hundreds more community members that have seen results and changed their lives because of the Wild programs we offer.

Here’s what you can expect at Wild Workouts and Wellness…


When we report results, we share real photos and real results of participants. You’ve probably worked out next to them in a class. Want to see some previous Challenge winners? CLICK HERE  AND HERE


Our classes are strategically programmed by certified personal trainers, for everyBODY. We can take into account limitations and modifications to ensure that all participants are working out safely. We can provide regressions and progressions based on your individual ability level.


Our Eat Wild nutrition philosophy has a track record of proven success. We provide meal plans and recipes and focus on intuitive eating and changing your relationship with food, not just crash dieting.


Measuring progress and celebrating results are important – we are diligent about helping you keep track. We measure weight, body fat and inches before and after a Challenge. You know what else is worth celebrating? Non-scale victories like lifting heavier and increased stamina and endurance.


We provide our Challengers with the tools to sustain a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition even after the Challenge ends.


Each Boot Camp Challenge group has access to all of Wild’s coaches to ask questions and get answers. Weekly emails are sent out and we provide a private Facebook group that is specific to the Challenge to connect with the Wild community… you know, the same folks you’re seeing in the gym.

If you’re ready to begin your lifestyle change and choose to do it through a quality fitness program with full nutritional support, then check out our next Boot Camp Challenge.

Wild’s 28-day Spring into Shape Challenge starts SUNDAY March 8th, 2020CLICK HERE for all the details.

In less than a week you could be on the road to transforming your body, your mind and your life.

I hope you trust and choose us to be a part of that journey.