Meet our April Client of the Month, Kristin!

She’s our April client of the month because we are so incredibly proud of all that she has accomplished.

Kristin is always up for a challenge.  She challenges herself by going for the heavier weights and trying new exercises.  She has impressed everyone here at Wild due to her determination and willpower!

Make sure to congratulate Kristin on all of her accomplishments!


Q. Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it? Least favorite? What don’t you like about it? 

I love Kettle Bell Swings and Russian Twists. I like both of these because I get sweaty and I can really feel that I am doing something, especially the next day and they don’t require me to have great balance (anyone who has worked out with me knows that is not my strong suit). I am not a fan of mountain climbers because they can be hard on my wrists and I just don’t like them.


Q. What achievements are you most proud of?

I am most proud that I have truly changed my lifestyle. This isn’t temporary. This is who I am. Three years ago I saw a picture of me dancing with my daughter and niece and started to cry. I didn’t realize how out of shape and sick I looked. That night I downloaded The 17 Day Diet and read it cover to cover and I started it the next day. The weight came off pretty fast and I lost 60 pounds in 4 and a half months and then I got stuck. I hit that plateau and the weight started coming back. In the next year I gained 20 pounds and I was very worried that I was all going to come back. Then my best friend asked me to do the Your Best Body Challenge at Wild and I loved how I felt after each workout. A couple months later I decided to go all in and I started eating Wild. The weight has slowly come off, but I look better than I have in years and I have a ton of energy. I am stronger, I have muscles in my arms and for the first time in my life I actually have a butt. In the past year and a half I have lost over 20 pounds and have dropped 3 sizes. But it really is so much more.


Q. What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?

I love the trainers and all my workout friends. Amber and her team have created a supportive and fun atmosphere and I laugh so much during the workouts. I also love talking nutrition with Coach Kathleen, she has made the transition to eating Wild so much easier and it is really nice to have a friend that gets how much I love cheese.


Q. What advice would you give to other Wild peeps?

The best advice I can give is to make a plan. Schedule your workouts and don’t forget about nutrition. I have an ever changing schedule so it is very important that I plan. Also forgiving yourself and move forward when you go off your plan. Forgiveness makes it so much easier to get back to it. Oh, and never run out of avocado, coconut oil or bacon.


Q. Do you have a favorite song or type of music for workout out?

I love working out to classic rock and metal bands from the 80s and 90s. Led Zeppelin, followed by Guns n Roses and then some AC/DC and it’s a good workout.


Q. What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

The weight has some off slowly and I would still like to loose about 15 to 20 pounds, so I have stopped eating cheese and having my morning latte and I am trying to up my intensity and weight at workouts. I also would like to learn to love running and I would like to work up to a 10K by fall.


Great job Kristin, we are so proud of you!