The most common New Year’s Resolution is to get back in the gym to look and feel your best. Our 28 day challenge is designed to get you moving, have fun working out, create obtainable results and set you up for successful routine that lasts the entire year.

The Resolution Challenge is combined of 3 elements:

  1. Fun, fast-paced and challenging Boot Camp classes (in person or virtual/online classes are available).
  2. Nutritional guidance, support, and planning.
  3. Coaching and accountability that will give you the tools you need to be successful the rest of the year!


Here’s What You Get: 

  1. The Resolution Challenge Orientation and initial measurements. Here we’ll go through the in’s & out’s of the Challenge, this is where you can ask any lingering questions and get answers.
  2. We’ll take your initial measurements (weight, body fat and measurements with a good ol’ fashioned measuring tape); due to covid19, this is optional.  This will be done via appointment; we’ll reach out once you register.
  3. Weekly emails for accountability, motivation and guidance.
  4. A private Facebook Page to motivate and hold each other accountable. Your coaches will also be on this page to help answer any questions and support you.
  5. An easy to follow 28-day Nutrition and Workout Guide.
  6. TWO BONUS Sunday Fun Day workouts (in addition to your 2x/week, 3x/week or unlimited package)
  7. Each participant will get one mini band and one regular 41″ resistance band that you go use in your virtual workouts.  You can choose your options in the registration drop down below.
  8. Your choice of workouts!  You can use your sessions for in person workouts at the gym or you can use them for the online/Zoom option and work out from the comfort of your home.  Or a combination of the two!


Important Dates & Times:

Sunday, January 10th – Initial Measurements, Orientation & Initial Fitness Testing Workout

Orientation time: 8:30am virtual meeting (Zoom)

Fitness Testing Workout: 7:30am (virtual workout)

Initial measurements taken: by appointment!  Only takes about 10 minutes.

Sunday February 7th

Final Fitness Testing Workout: 7:15am (virtual workout)

Final Measurements taken: starting at 8am, by appointment


There’s Also A Bunch Of Prizes!

Each challenge participant is given the chance to win prizes based on:

Attendance, Results, Improvement and overall Attitude!


Sign up options/pricing below: 

Unlimited for $159: Attend as many Boot Camp workouts as you’d like. Most clients see the best results by combining the Unlimited option and attending classes 3-5 days a week along with proper nutrition.  In person classes are offered 6 days per week and virtual 5 days per week allowing you to get in 20+ workouts in the 28 days.

3x/week  for $149: 13 workouts over the 28 days (plus the two bonus fitness tracking workouts)

2x/week  for $125: 9 workouts over the 28 days (plus the two bonus fitness tracking workouts)

All three options include a mini band and regular 41″ resistance band of your choice.  All virtual workouts are also recorded so you can view them again later or whenever it best fits into your schedule.

CLICK BELOW to Register!

Registration has closed!  Don’t worry, as things return to normal in 2021 we’ll be offering more challenges throughout the year.

Hope to see you at the next one!


All workouts related to the Resolution Challenge will take place at:

Wild Workouts and Wellness Boot Camp Location
2898 S Delaware Ave,
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Are you a current client looking to upgrade for the month of January and kick off the new year with some extra workouts?  Reach out to us at the gym and we can discuss options!