Thanks to everyone who helped support a group of ten crazy people who decided to pull a 68,000 pound fire truck 75 feet (twice).  It was for a great cause, Operation Warm, that helps raise funds to purchase winter coats for children in need.  As a team, the Wild group raised almost $500 which will go a long way to helping out those in our community.

At left is our 34 ton nemesis!

On every other team, this would have one of the small guys!  We were, on average, probably 40-50 pounds per person less than our competition and the nicest way to say it is that we were not the youngest team either.  Despite all that, we still got it done!

Finish Line is only a few feet away!

The team did awesome; our second run was 5 seconds better than the first one.  Finish time of 50 seconds.  The winning team did it in 22 seconds and change, so we’ve got a little work to do before next year!  But we’re already talking about it and can’t wait to do it again.