When we started The Best Me Program several years ago, it started as a quick introduction to our Small Group Training with a goal of quick weight loss.

We quickly realized that was not the right goal for most of our clients. They were looking for more; a lifestyle change, a health and wellness overhaul. So we made some changes, moved the focus to overall health and wellness. Helping guide our participants towards creating a better version of themselves.

This year, Wild wants to push that a bit more. We want our clients to live their best life. That means creating new habits, attainable goals, improving our minds and bodies to take full advantage of everything life has to offer.

The Best Me Program is going to become The Best Year, The Best Life, The Best Me Program.

We will kick off this change with our new and improved The Best Year Program – 21 Days to Stronger, Healthier, and Happier.

The Best Year Program, kicking off February 8th, will focus on creating small, attainable goals on a weekly basis. These can be fitness and exercise goals – aiming for 3 strength training workouts a week, for example; dietary goals – eating more vegetables and protein; or wellness goals – reading more, going to bed earlier, etc. Whatever you need to focus on to improve your health, so you can live at your best in the new year. We will also set some monthly goals and find ways to track our progress.

The Best Life Program will kick off in Spring. It is all about increasing our activity and endurance levels in order to enjoy all our beautiful city has to offer. We will look at moving outside our comfort zones to discover new experiences and adventures.

The Best Me Program will return in the fall. Our goal is to improve our health and wellness. Focusing on cleaning out addictions and improving overall health.  Decreasing stress, improving sleep, etc. whatever you need to end the year at your personal best.

Much of the programming will remain the same: choice of 6 or 9 workouts over 21 days, plus 2 bonus workouts, meal plans and recipes, and of course accountability, coaching and support. But we will bring so much more to help differentiate each program as well.

I am so excited about what this new year has in store and hope you are too!