On Saturday we wrapped our 21 day Small Group The Best Me Program.

In three weeks, our participants focused on getting in some great workouts and cleaning up their diets.  For many, this was a jumpstart to a whole new lifestyle, one that they committed to maintain even after the Program ended.  For others, the Best Me Program gave a chance to get back on track after a summer of indulgence.

Whatever the reasons for starting, they all worked as hard as they could to get some major results in just 21 days.

As a group our 15+ participants lost over 13% body fat, 28 years in their metabolic age, 58 pounds, and 103 inches!


The Best Me Program has been a great kick off to a new healthier lifestyle for these participants.  Just listen to what they have to say about the experience:

“This challenge is my first experience with Wild Workouts. It has far exceeded my expectations. My previous exercise routines included running and yoga, so the circuit training structure is new to me. I’m only two weeks in, and there is a noticeable difference, physically. My husband had made a comment, I’ve noticed in my reflection, and my Midway weigh-in confirmed it. Not only do I look better, I feel better. I wouldn’t say I felt bad before, but I have new energy levels! Beyond the health benefits, these classes are FUN. All of the trainers are fantastic and I truly enjoy myself (while struggling!) every class.” – Liz L.


If you are looking for support and guidance to begin your own journey to health and wellness, watch for our next Best Me Program in May.