The beginning of a new year tends to symbolize a time to start anew. Resolutions are made in order to make a change, tackle a challenge of something that has either gone off track or that we haven’t been able to achieve the year prior. Our 2020 Resolution Challenge participants put their nose to the grindstone in the month of January and their gains were impressive.

Just like the participants were getting out of their comfort zone and shaking things up… so were we. In the past we have chosen winners based on their physical results alone (weight/body fat/measurements). But we know that so many participants are MORE than just a number on the scale… so we decided to choose winners based on a few additional factors as well.

1.The Attendance Raffle!

For every class that a Challenge Participant attended they got to enter a ticket. The more classes you attend, the more tickets you get to enter! At the end of the Challenge we drew a winner… and the Winner is… Angie Squiers! Angie won a Free Specialty Class!

Fun fact: Angie came to 13 classes in January, that was 13 chances to Win!

2. Most Improved!

This was determined with the input of all of our Boot Camp coaches. Many times, our Challenge participants have a fitness history but may have fallen off their regular routine and are looking for a kick-start. But sometimes we get a few people who are new working out and are learning correct squat form or how to do a kettlebell swing for the first time. It can be intimidating to come into that environment! We want to give props to those people for having the determination to stick with it, the bravery to try something new and the openness to be corrected when needed. We additionally take into account the initial and final fitness testing numbers, seeing the strength and stamina of participants increase in just 28 days!

This Challenge’s MOST IMPROVED AWARD Winner is…. Liz Pembroke! Liz won a FREE Challenge entry!

3. Positive Attitude!

Attitude matters! There are some people who radiate positivity. They come into class with a smile on their face and enthusiasm that is contagious. They happily take a heavier weight when suggested, listen and respond when corrected, and are just plain fun to have in class. They lighten up the room, don’t take themselves too seriously and most importantly, bring up the others around them. These people CHOOSE to have a positive attitude about themselves and what’s happening around them during class, even when we know they might be facing other challenges outside the gym.

This Challenge’s Attitude Award Winner is… Karen Squiers! Karen won a 5 pack of yoga sessions!

4. Inspiration Award!

This award wasn’t originally on our list, but these two people INSPIRED us so much we added it. Is it in the name? Or just a coincidence that they are both named Amanda Smith?

Amanda Smith (we call her the OG since she was the first of the Amanda’s to be a client at Wild) is engaged and set to be married. Her goal since the engagement? The wedding dress of course! She recently completed the 10 week Nutrition Program with this goal in mind and once combining the nutrition information she absorbed with the Resolution Challenge, she posted this NSV (Non-Scale Victory) on our private Facebook Challenge group page:

The other Amanda Smith (we call her Mandy as a differentiator) not only lost over 9 pounds, but found clarity in challenging herself not only in the gym, but by completing a “dry January”.

Results of dry January:
-I wake up before the sun on Saturdays 
-I did some form of workout everyday 
-Hit bootcamp 5 days a week
-I managed Keto diet flawlessly
-I have more fun and bowl better on league nights
-I can still be social in a drinking environment and hang with the best of them
-My house is spotless
-My creative juices are flowing
-Work is easier
-Energy levels are at an all time high
-Setting new goals- example 1st piano lesson is on the books for Tuesday.
-I’m a better listener, friend and girlfriend. 
Most importantly- I am happy! 
Dry January is not over for me, it’s just the beginning. I have no end date in sight. 
This path is colorful, sunny and happy. I’m going to enjoy the ride  for a while. Who knows where it’ll take me but I’m excited to find out! 
In the Midwest many of us fall victim to habitual and situational drinking. If you fall into this category I highly recommend trying out a reset. You might just find your best self just below the surface. 
Lots of love and good health to you all in 2020!

Both of their results both on and off the scale is what led us to recognize Amanda Smith (OG) and Mandy Smith for the INSPIRATION AWARD! They will each receive a 4 pack of Sauna sessions!

And finally… drumroll please… our Overall Winner Award. 

The Overall Winner is determined based on results, attendance, attitude… all of it. Someone who we have seen go above and beyond. Someone who has shown to be a leader throughout the Challenge, whether engaging on the private Facebook Challenge group or taking a newer participant under their wing in the gym. Someone who leads by example and their results show the commitment and dedication they’ve put in. When the coaches talk about the Challenge participants this person’s name comes up over and over… (in a good way, of course!)

This Challenge’s Overall Winner of the Resolution Challenge is… Jayme Mashlan! Jayme will receive One Month of Unlimited Boot Camp workouts for FREE!

Jayme lost over 8 pounds and almost 4 % body fat. She was a fixture on the Facebook group page and encouraged her friend to step out of her comfort zone and do the Challenge together. Jayme has been a client for years and this month we’ve really seen her step it up and step outside of her comfort zone, and it shows! Great job Jayme!