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Lenore’s Journey

Lenore knew about Wild Workouts and Wellness for a while before joining.   She thought boot camp was for “thin people” and that she was too overweight to join. But instead of letting these thoughts hold her back, Lenore decided to go for it and has never regretted that decision.

Now Lenore, who is nearly 70 pounds lighter, looks forward to going to her workouts.  Three years ago, Lenore’s Facebook posts would have been about dreading going to the gym.  Now she’s singing a different tune and looks forward to getting her workouts in because she feels so much better.

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Real People.

Real Results.

Our Program is Designed for Effective and Efficient Exercise

Our fitness programs maximize your time in the gym to get you the body you want without wasting your time. Our fat loss workouts increase your metabolism and energy, while seeing a decrease in body fat. Many of our members lose 5 to 12 pounds of fat in 30 days.

Holistic Approach to Fat Loss, Nutrition & Fitness

The WILD approach is about long term results. The foundation of your fatloss and fitness is HEALTH. Our approach deals with all lifestyle aspects so that your health increases as your weight decreases. The EAT WILD plan adds foods that are nutritious and optimal for our body. As people begin to EAT WILD, they experience less cravings, see health issues disappear, and lose unwanted body fat.

Expert Trainers Facilitate Workouts so that EveryBODY Can Participate

Do you feel that you can’t exercise or maybe you have a physical limitation? Not here at Wild Workouts & Wellness. We have people in their 60’s working out with people in their 20’s and each person has different abilities. Yet EVERYONE gets an amazing workout because of our individualized approach to exercise selection. You do the exercises that are right for YOU.

A Fun Environment to Workout

We are more than just a gym, we’re a fitness community. And we like to have fun! After a long day at work, how nice is it to go to a place where you can share some laughs while you’re getting a good sweat.

Inspiring You to Do More and Be More

We’re here to push the limits and help you go above and beyond what you think may be possible. Going it alone is hard. So, our group workouts have you working out with like-minded peers along with our personal trainers pushing you and motivating you beyond what you could ever do on your own – so you can make sure every day is a good day.

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