We all have a goal when we start working out; getting stronger, loosing weight, being able to run XX miles. One of the most fulfilling things is taking the steps to achieve those goals. We have you covered for tackling your first 5K today plus an opportunity to enter a race in Wisconsin to see your goals come to life.

Here’s 3 tips to tackling your first 5K:

  1. Hydrate and fuel your body. Start to be conscious of what you put in your body and eliminate alcohol and processed foods a few days before the race. Make sure you’re eating whole foods and hydrating to give you energy the day of!
  2. Don’t worry about speed. Especially for your first 5K, form and pace will be key. Listen to your body, and don’t worry about running the whole time. Walking participants still finish the race!
  3. Find a buddy. One of the best ways to manage your breathing during a race (or workout) is to talk through it, literally. Having a buddy by your side will not only motivate you, talking will keep your breathing in check.

Now that you’re ready for your race, why not put yourself to the test? Check out our 2019 Run Series and sign up for a 5K race.