The members of the Fall 2019 Nutrition Group fully embraced the concepts that lay the groundwork for good nutrition for life. Each member was supportive and engaged and shared wisdom via personal experience, articles, and delicious recipes.
This group even made plans to get together and discuss nutrition, challenges, and triumphs outside of the regular meeting schedule.
I am so proud of how the group accepted “no rules” and limited structure – and went on to make their own rules and succeed according to them!
Coach Christy
Wild Workouts & Wellness Nutrition Coach
Precision Nutrition Certified
Fall 2019’s Nutrition Program Members: Christina Feliciano, Lindsay Burcar, Amanda Smith, Gia Pionek Valle, Avery Mayne, Jenny Parkinson
Here are a few comments from members of the Nutrition Group…
Why did you join the Nutrition Program?
“I signed up for the nutrition plan at the recommendation of another Wild member. I felt I knew quite a bit about eating healthy; but I was drawn to the idea that the program would make nutrition a more intuitive concept.” 
What were your challenges before, and how did the Nutrition Program help you overcome them?
“I was overthinking everything, but also somehow wasn’t thinking about the right things. Every time I was hungry, I questioned if I was actually hungry or if my body was trying to trick me into overeating. I worried that my meals weren’t “perfect” – for example, putting feta on my salad, or not having a green vegetable with a meal, made me think the whole thing was a bust. I felt guilt when I ate something that I knew was considered junk, or less than ideal. Bottom line: I tried to control everything about my diet, and as a result I had almost zero control.”
“My biggest challenge was really getting on board with eating correctly. Something always felt like it got in the way. I was more aware of what I was eating but still not eating properly. It did however get me in the right mindset when I was ready to start eating better that I had the tools and knowledge when I was ready to start.” 
What is your mantra regarding nutrition in your life now?
“Moderation and eat without punishment. Its okay to have the cupcake, as long as it’s not every night!”
“Stop for 30 seconds and think before I make an unhealthy food choice. Is it WORTH it, will I thoroughly enjoy it? If so, and my diet has been mostly very good, eat it. Enjoy it. Don’t beat myself up about it afterwards. Follow with regular healthy eating, rather than a downward spiral binge after “messing up” once.” 
How has your view on nutrition changed? 
“At some point throughout the eight weeks, something just clicked – I started to see food as positive fuel for my body, rather than the enemy or as something that just makes me gain weight. For me, thinking about it as ‘is this food choice giving me the energy and strength that I deserve’ instead of ‘is this food going to make me gain weight’ was key (and I can’t believe how unhealthy my thinking was before). I also now realize that the concept of healthy food is not black and white, and am focusing less on having to be perfect all of the time. I’m getting better at listening to my body and figuring out what habits work best for me.”
I think it was the mindset on how to think about food. That it should not be on a diet or off a diet, it’s figuring out a healthy way to eat daily that you can stick with that makes you feel good.”
“The Nutrition Group really gave me a better perspective on an end goal for my eating habits, rather than a temporary ultra restrictive diet, and put into perspective what lifestyle choices yield what results. It helped me to figure out what works for ME, on a long terms basis, which is different than what sheds pounds the fastest. Sustainability and quality of life are key. I have found more and more success with achieving a healthy middle ground between my “on or off” modes of ultra-restrictive temporary diet (which is not sustainable for me) or unhealthy over-binging.”
What advice would you give other Wild peeps who are on the fence about joining the Nutrition Program?
“This group is so worth it! While there was (necessary) promotion of a healthy self-image, etc., I liked that there were so many facts provided. I learned so much about the roles that protein, fat, and carbohydrates play in the body.” 
“If you’re looking for group support and coaching with realistic expectations and advice about finding what works best for you specifically, this is the class for you. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The more you can dig inside yourself to find out why you make the choices you make and have the habits you do, the better you can find a healthier path for yourself that works and sticks as less of  a “diet” and more of a permanent lifestyle shift for mind and body. You will leave with a direction that diet-fail after diet-fail cannot give you.”
“Go into it with an open mind.  None of the information is going to be earth shattering news but it will be eye opening when you actually start to discuss what is good for your body. Also, lean on others in the group for advice, support and encouragement. It is nice to know that you aren’t in it alone.”