I am originally from Dayton Ohio and I consider myself a “nerd.” I love the ocean (or a great lake), especially when it is windy and there is a full moon.

When I began working out, my goal was to make exercise a priority and consistently show up for my workouts. When I first started, I would go for the lightest weights and not quite make it up in the TGU. I was often ready to quit halfway through, but I kept going. I surprised myself when I started going for heavier weights , actually did an entire circuit with Mountain climbers and made it standing in the TGU (turkish get-up).

I am now happy with the way I feel when I move and I have noticed there is more tone and definition. I hurt less and handle stress better! What I am most proud of is my attitude about giving a heavier weight or a new exercise a try and not feeling bad or inferior when I reach my limit.

I like the location of Wild, the small group concept and the flexibility in scheduling classes. It is the atmosphere which makes Wild great! The community aspect of Wild is fantastic, both from the coaches and the clients. The workouts are well planned and the coaches are good at either pushing you a little further or giving alternatives without any judgement. I have an hour where I am only thinking about the next exercise, what size weight or the sweat dripping down my face and not the challenges of life. I am often spent at the end of the workout, but feel much calmer and ready for the day as I walk home. Working out helps my entire day.