Top 4 Reasons We Love Wild

1.  Expert Coaching Staff. WILD coaches consistently plan and deliver challenging, varied, FUN workouts.  At each session the Coach demonstrates correct execution of each planned exercise to help maximize benefit and points out how poor execution can lead to injury.
2.  Focused Individual Coaching. Each member is well known as an individual at WILD.  Individual goals, strengths and limitations are recognized and held top of mind by WILD staff.
3.  FUN Community. The WILD community, staff and clients alike, is composed of truly interesting, supportive, fun people.  One cannot help but enjoy the camaraderie!   We weren’t expecting to make new friends, but that certainly has happened!
4.  Results. Both of us have achieved significant results thanks to our WILD experience.  It’s somewhat cliche to admit we’re “in the best shape of our lives”, but honestly, that’s the reality.  We are each stronger, have built muscle and lost fat beyond expectation. Thanks WILD for partnering with us on this adventure

– Mike & Jacqueline L.