I remember when I first spoke to Kate about Wild and the programs we offered. She assured me that she was unable to workout due to a back injury. I assured her that we could provide modifications and a safe environment for her. It took a few more conversations before she made the commitment to Wild but once she did, she hasn’t stopped.

We are so grateful to have Kate as a client! She constantly shows that even if you might need a modification or two, you can move forward, get stronger, hit your goals… this is why she is an inspiration to other clients. Her positive attitude and infectious energy are a joy to have in class, as a coach and a peer.

Congrats Kate, you earned it!

Q & A with Kate Fowdy

1.  Tell us a fun story about yourself.

            I really love to dance. Often times, when the music is good, you will find me dancing around the gym.

2.  Share a time that you were proud of yourself and a goal that you achieved with Wild.

            Honestly, just getting up and going 4 times a week is something I’ve worked hard at. I’m a mother who works outside the home so I’m really busy. Finding the time to go and stick with it is something I’m really proud of. I do remember the day I first rowed a weight heavier than my 4 year old that was pretty awesome! My goal for May is to make it 5 times a week and use all of my 20 visits.

3.  Why Wild?

            I have a back injury that prevented me from working out for more than 5 years. I was really into running and weight training before I got injured. I was the kind of person who worked hard to look good and wasn’t lazy about working out.   I gained weight and lost all of of my muscle; I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I found Wild and everything changed! Wild was able to help me work around my injury. All of the trainers offer alternate exercises when needed. It’s been 7 months and I’m really getting stronger again. The classes are so fun and I never get bored. I work out so much harder and safer than I would on my own. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel like I’m on my way! I really can’t say enough positive things about Wild and I tear up thinking about how much I feel like myself again because of Wild and their awesome trainers!