Shawnya has been impressing us with her commitment to staying healthy and fit for a long time.

Nowadays, she’s working out for TWO!

Shawnya has a positive attitude and always looks to challenge herself, working out with a growing baby bump has been a different type of challenge, but it certainly hasn’t slowed her down. We can’t wait to welcome that strong, healthy baby to the Wild family soon!

Why Wild?

“I joined Wild after my friend Jayme dragged me to Bring a Friend week.  I kept telling her that I like to workout alone because I focus more and I didn’t like group aerobic classes.  She assured me that I would love it and she was a 100% right!!  I don’t workout to try to lose weight, even though its really nice, its not my goal.  Wild helps me achieve my actual goal, to feel stronger and healthier.”

“Currently, my fun/interesting fact and biggest challenge,  and achievement has been working out while pregnant (especially during these last few weeks).  Without the support of all the Wild Coaches, I probably wouldn’t have kept up. The modifications they make for me are still a great challenge but are safe for me and baby.”