We are excited to celebrate such an awesome guy this month! Mac McLaughlin has been with Wild Workouts and Wellness for the past 6 months.  He lives in the WILD neighborhood and one day he just popped in to see what we were all about and he committed his health & fitness goals to us on the spot.

Mac has made major strides in his fitness goals.  He works out almost every single day of the week.  He’s a die-hard Wild member!  Since starting, his form, abilities & endurance have tremendously improved.  He’s also lost 10 lbs, 3% of his body fat, several inches overall and his arms & chest have increased in inches.  He’s also considering joining our Couch To 5K Training Program kicking off this Spring!

Mac always brings his smile, cheerful, up-beat attitude and his contagious sense of humor to each workout.   We love his dedication, consistency, and most of all, who he is.  We are honored to have him as part of the Wild Family!

We asked Mac some questions about his experience so far with Wild Workouts and Wellness and here is what he had to say:


Q:  Do you have a favorite exercise?  If so, what is it?  And what is your least favorite exercise & why?
A:  My favorite exercise has to be to the cool down stretches at the end because I know all of the tough stuff is finished. My least favorite exercise are the lunges that challenge my creaky knees and sketchy balance.


Q:  What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?
A:  That’s an easy question.  The upbeat, fun and helpful staff is what I like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness.  Also, the fact that is only a short walk from my home.


Q:  What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining Wild Workouts and Wellness?
A:  My best advice is to just show up regularly, do your best and pretty soon you will look AND feel better.


Q:  What is your favorite type of music to work out to?
A:  Party music works best for workouts in my opinion.


Q:  What are some of the goals you are currently working on?
A:  I want to continue to improve in my strength, flexibility and my energy level so I can compete on “So You Think You Can Dance.”