How did you hear about Wild?

After moving to the Bay View area I heard about Wild at the Bay View Bash or Chill on the Hill. I started with the 28-Day Challenge and then started with the Small Group workouts. I love the Small Group trainers, as they know my limitations and make modifications if needed. They also hold me accountable in a gentle , encouraging , supportive manner.

What’s your favorite exercise? What about music to exercise too?

I have many favorite exercises one of which is battle ropes.  It feels like my whole body is getting involved.  Classes are a lot of fun while being challenging.  I prefer Coach Tom’s choice of music, 70-80’s rock and roll!  It is music that I grew up with.  I must say I have to concentrate on my movements intensely as to avoid injury.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I am proud to have returned to my classes after a few illnesses kept me away. Working out helped me to feel better. I am trying to keep my weight at a healthy level, gain strength and retain flexibility.  Power Hour workouts have certainly helped with the strength.  It feels good to lift more weight.  I hope to continue for a long time.  There is always something to look forward to while trying to stay healthy.