“I am so excited that you picked me! I am turning 50 on January 10th. I have been working with Amber since I was 40 which has made turning 50 easier to accept. No one wants to grow older and feel it. I am actually proud that I am feeling like I am still 40 years old. I can do the same workouts as I used to do, I may not do them as fast or with as much fierceness, but I can keep going. Basically, without Amber & the Wild Team by my side that would not be possible. The key I believe to growing older is to keep moving, moss does not grow on a rolling stone, even though moss is organic! When I first met Amber, I used to meet with her at 5:30 AM because that was the only time I could fit a workout in with young children at home. We made it through those years, I feel together because she gave me the tools to use to learn what I was really capable of. It turns out to be a whole heck of a lot! Thanks Amber!”

“I have lost many pounds over the past 10 years (some have been found again) but I have never weighed as much as I did when I first met Amber 10 years ago. Since January 15, 2013, I have lost 35 pounds!”

We asked Nadine some questions about her experience with Wild Workouts and Wellness, and here is what she had to say:


Q: Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you like about it? Least favorite? What don’t you like about it?

A: My favorite exercise is a plank with or without a weighted row. I like it because a plank by itself is a great exercise for your entire body, it is a strong calm exercise that makes you feel powerful when you do it; especially for an extended period of time. I also like doing it with a row because I like feeling of the pull on my stomach muscles while I balance myself on one arm and pull up the weight to my armpit. What I don’t like about it is sometimes we flip to one side from this position and to me that is a totally different exercise and I would rather stay in the plank position.


Q: What achievements are you most proud of?

• Finding new friends who appreciate what we can do together as a group by encouraging each other to become the best in the skin that they are in.

• Exercising 5 to 6 days a week for many, many years because if you start missing it’s easier to keep missing workouts

• Finishing a marathon – one and done

• Many half marathons and 5k’s

• Trying different sports like swimming and biking

• Finally figuring out that it’s not how much food you eat that gives you energy, it’s the quality of the food you eat that gives you energy

• Eating carbohydrates are not the answer to getting an energy boost, they only make you slower or more tired after they wear off

• Finding time to exercise while raising a family, my children were 6 and 10 years old when I started all this at 40 years of age

• Finding time to exercise while going back to school for my master’s degree

• Getting my whole family eating more consciously and incorporating exercise into their life styles

• Getting off high blood pressure medication

• Not starting cholesterol medication just because it’s a bit high, there are other lifestyle changes that can be made


Q: What do you like most about Wild Workouts and Wellness?

A: It is a one stop shop for all my nutrition questions, workout needs and a place to get energized about life. I like going to a place where everyone wants the same thing out of life, which is to live a more rounded life. I feel Wild Workouts fosters a feel-good vibe along with effective workouts that really work.


Q: What advice would you give to other wild peeps?

• Sometimes it’s not all about the results that you can see. There have been many months and years that have passed where I have felt stuck in my ways and not have seen much of a change but I always kept going and faked it till I made it. I knew that one day the light bulb would go off and I would finally make a change in my diet and/or life style that would make a large impact on my health. I would eat great amounts of food the night before a race because I thought I would run out of energy during the race so I would try to store it like a camel. I only realized that this year, you don’t have to store so much the night before but it helps to have a good base of protein in the weeks prior to a race. Good protein and vitamins from vegetables are important building blocks to a stronger you and can help you get through a day with all the energy you need!

• You are never too old to make new friends. It is much easier to make new friends when everyone is banding together to get through a workout or training. I have made many lifelong friends through Wild Workouts and I am truly blessed to feel that these friends will always have my back (shout out to Nancy and Kerry).

• There is no magical concoction to drink. The magic is within yourself. If you can find a point in your life that nothing else is more important for the next say 30 days than you being successful in a weight loss or muscle gain. The magic appears as an invincibility feeling you get after having many temptations thrown at you and you refuse to let them distract you from your goal.

• Always have a mantra like “keep it fun” or “stay calm and strive on”. Positive reinforcement is important.


Q: Do you have a favorite song or type of music for working out?

A: I like exercising to any up-beat music. I especially like to run long distances to music from a movie that has a great soundtrack. I can replay the movie in my head when I hear the songs.


Q: What are some challenges or goals you are currently working on?

A: I am currently planning a family cleanse, which is where we clean out all the cabinets from all of the holiday food. As Amber once said, “sugar is crack”. I would like to add another day of workouts at Wild and finish losing the last 20 pounds before the start of the summer season.