How did you hear about Wild?

Years ago I met the previous owner and took a few classes here and there. The Turkey Trot became a Thanksgiving family tradition! More recently, my neighbor Kathy Triggiano had become a member and she would encourage me to get back to the gym once in awhile. Last year, some of the neighbors started to get together for an early evening cocktail and a bite to eat at local places in Bayview. One evening we all met at Small Pie. Tara and her husband were there. Tara convinced me to try the “Best Me” program. I was pretty much hooked after that.

What is your favorite/least favorite exercise? Your favorite workout music?

Really, I like doing 99.9% of them. It is difficult to pick just one. I’d have to say I like the bench press, pull ups with bands, boxing and most of the metabolic exercises. When I walk in the door for a morning session, my back is pretty stiff and I’m usually in a bit of pain. By the time the workout is done, I’m feeling pretty good and have less pain. Can’t put a price on that.

I have to say I don’t enjoy those Turkish Get Ups and anything that has a windmill motion. Why? Let’s be honest here….because they are hard. Ha! I’m getting better at doing them but SO glad when they are done.

Hands down favorite…..I like The Rolling Stones. I like all types of music but I was a teen in the 70-80’s so Eagles, REO, Styx, Boston, Journey, Aerosmith, Queen……classics!!!

What do you like most about Wild, what you are most proud of and  what are some Goals your working on?

The instructors are great. They are really caring, interested in your progress….they get to know you. Tom cracks me up most mornings. The workouts are fun, creative, adaptable to your fitness level and there is opportunity to push yourself. What can I say… it’s really close to my house so I don’t have too many excuses not to show up. Oh yeah… I’ve met some really nice people in my small session classes which is an extra bonus!

Not that losing weight was my goal because it wasn’t, but I did lose a 1/2 inch around my body after a few months.  That was pretty motivating.  I’m getting a little bit of muscle back and my clothes fit better.  I’m most proud that I’m sticking with it.

What advice would you give other Wild Peeps?

Life is short and we all work too much.  So, get out there and do something that makes you feel good about yourself.  Keep moving!!!