Jack began personal training at Wild as a teenager with Special Needs. We asked his mom, Tracy for some insight into his journey.


Why did he begin training at Wild?

We signed Jack up for training to help him develop core muscle strength. But just as significantly, we wanted support Jack in having a sense of place, and strong connections to people in his community. We recognized in the early WILD days,that the community would weave it into the fabric of Bay View. So it made a lot of sense for Jack to get to know WILD and for WILD to get to know and love Jack.

What impact has training on Wild had on Jack’s life?

Jack needs support to interact with others. He also needs compassion and understanding. The relationships he has built at WILD have supported him in so many ways. We are so grateful to WILD for its caring and acceptance. And, we are particularly thankful for Carla!

What advice would Jack give to other Wild peeps?

Be respectful; be nice and calm; keep showing up