We now have Zoom Bootcamps 5 days a week.  I know this virtual workout experience can be a bit intimidating, and maybe not the most appealing option.  However, we want to keep our client’s health and wellness as a priority, even under these challenging circumstances.

So to help familiarize yourself with our virtual program, Coach Tom and Coach Danielle have put together this video as well as the procedure of what to expect.



Virtual Workout Guide

We have been very pleased with the launch of our virtual workout option, as a new and safe way to serve clients through Covid19 and the changing season.

For some, the concept of an online workout remains something of a spooky mystery.

Here are some basics to help explain how our virtual package works.

  1. Clients sign up for a workout through MindBody, just the same as signing up for a Boot Camp or Small Group session.  (Please sign up well in advacne, so the trainer can email you the link before class time.  Sign up closes 15 minutes prior to the start time.)  Those clients who signed up receive an email from the coach via the main Wild Workouts and Wellness gmail account. The email includes a link to click on, and that takes clients to the Virtual Workout at the scheduled start time.
  2. These workouts are written to push and challenge you with whatever equipment you have. Resistance bands have been an excellent tool, along with weights, household products and your own body. We work on strength, cardio, stability and mobility.
  3. The coach executes and leads the workout, and you’ll see and hear them offering form tips and corrections, and modifications; plus the usual enthusiasm and humor. The coach is right with you and adjusts exercises in real time to suit the group and individual needs.
  4. The virtual workouts have an extra layer of convenience through the recordings. These are sent out to everyone registered for the class, and are accessible for one week. If a workout time doesn’t quite fit your schedule, your workout will be ready when you are.

Not Sure if Zoom is right for you?

This is what some of our participants have shared:

Chanda M.  “Omg this was a great one! Did it tonight. Thanks!”

Jill K.- “That was great.  Thanks so much, Tom!  Feels good to be back.  I’ve lost a lot of strength and flexibility.”

Diane H. – “Thank you for offering this virtual session option. It’s been a perfect way for me to get a session in. The work outs have been excellently done.”

Dana S. – “I have been using the virtual workouts as if they were an in-person workout (I log into Zoom live while you are coaching). This really helps me with accountability and actually doing the workout instead of procrastinating.”

Anne B. – “Great!  I’ve mostly been utilizing the recordings!  And they have been awesome. So thankful for this virtual option. ♥️♥️♥️”


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Next week, November 2nd – 6th, all of our virtual classes will be FREE for everyone!

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