Don has been a client at Wild Workouts & Wellness for over 4 years. His determination to overcome setbacks and strive to improve his health has been impressive for several years. Injuries, illness and life changes have been obstacles at times but he always digs back in to regain his momentum.
His effort in the workouts helps motivate the other clients and even the coaches. That is why we’ve all agreed that he is deserving of April’s Client of the Month recognition; for the example he sets in dealing with adversity and pushing beyond it.
So many people fall off their fitness journey permanently when life throws a wrench in their routine. It is easy to make excuses as to why it is no longer a priority. We love your commitment to the journey, Don!
Here’s a little Q & A with Don:

What accomplishment are you proud of and what is a challenge that you are working on

Working on a healthier life, despite setbacks.  I’ll keep trying even if I have temporarily failed.  I have been working out at Wild for years.  I have had success reaching goals, only to have several health setbacks.  One setback was having Influenza A several few years ago, which caused damage to my lungs, leading to the development of asthma.  I don’t let it stop me, but get back to Wild once recovered and start over working on a healthier life

The challenge I am working on is what I call 60 by 60.  My current goal is to lose 60 lbs by my 60th birthday (near the end of August).  This will be approximately 2.25 lbs. per week.  I am on track after 4 weeks.


Why did you choose Wild:

I met Wild Workouts & Wellness years ago and was inspired by Wild’s holistic views and goals to live healthier.  I realized that I needed to change my life to have a better life.   I am still inspired by the Wild coaches, their helpfulness  and their upbeat demeanor!


What is a fun / Interesting  fact about yourself that you would like to share:

I used to work as a bartender part-time nights at Dusters Restaurant in Columbus, Nebraska.  Management asked me if I would like to be the Sommelier for the restaurant.  While working there the bar manager and I developed a Chocolate Covered Strawberry cocktail for Valentine’s Day.