Do you have a favorite exercise? What do you love about it?

I like it when we go heavy with kettlebells, short bursts of swings with huge weight. I love doing these because I always feel them the next day. Hurt so good!


Do you have a least favorite exercise? What don’t you like about it?

I really don’t like froggy pushups where your feet are on a balance ball. I always manage to end the exercise with a – shall we say – inelegant dismount from the ball.


What do you like most about WILD Workouts and Wellness?

The soft, relaxing color of the walls, obviously.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining WILD?

Look no further! Being healthy is contagious at WILD – and the focus is on making your body feel good. For me, I’ve unintentionally become a much better eater, I’ve learned how to challenge myself physically and finally learned to love my body (it is crazy what it can do! and SO QUICKLY!) Come and try a workout with us, you’ll work your buns and your smile muscles.


What is your favorite type of music to work out to?

Michael Jackson, hands down.


What are some current goals you are working on for yourself?

I’ve shifted my focus from losing pounds to losing body fat percentage.  I’d really like to get into the 20% range by the end of my first year here. With the help of my friends at WILD, I have no doubt that I can make that happen.


Elizabeth has lost 17lbs and 3.8% body fat since starting Wild in August of 2013.