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Our simple goal in Awkward Yoga is to create more range of motion in our joints as we move and stretch in all directions from the safety and comfort of your own living space or our new Boot Camp space (2121 S. Kinnickinnic Ave).

Many yoga instructors are graceful or able to turn themselves into human pretzels.

Not me.

I’m awkward and laugh at myself a lot because I think I look like a stork doing a tortured mating dance!

But I do what I can, and that’s exactly what I want from you!

I got my yoga teaching certification because I didn’t see many other older instructors who didn’t have much mobility.

I’ll be in my garage “studio” where I’ll show you how to do the poses and add a lot of modifications so that you can participate regardless of your ability, experience, or capacity to move.

We’ll have a basic routine that we’ll do each week so you can practice and improve your mobility.

We open with Sun Salutations, do some variety of pose sequences, do some balance work, and end on the mat with some gentle twists before a short rest pose.

My classes are a little different than what you might be used to since I focus on breathing with movement, and we hold poses for a little longer than usual to practice the breathing.

We also move slowly through sequences and laugh often.

I’ll stick around after class to answer questions or work through poses.

Purchase this class through MindBody, either with Zoom passes for the online class or Yoga passes for the in person class.  (Please drop us a line with any questions!)

Class starts Thursday, April 20th