Yoga can be intimidating, especially when you are new to the practice.  Maybe you are feeling inflexible, balance challenged, or just out of place in a large group of people.  People that all seem to know the names of all of the poses and can flow seamlessly from one movement to the next, while you are still trying to figure out how to start.

This is exactly why we introduced yoga classes into our Wild Community.  We understand the benefits that yoga can have on your life with improved balance and flexibility, and we want our clients to be able to practice in an environment that they know.  An environment that will be accepting and encouraging no matter where they are in their yoga journey.

We already have 4 yoga classes a week, and we are adding a new class to Fridays at Noon at our Boot Camp Gym.

First meet our instructors:

Ruth Boulet is a yogi and a Wild client at our Small Group Gym.

“In the early 2000s I started practicing yoga on the recommendation of my doctor for stress management & overall well-being. I’ve been practicing regularly ever since. In a society that strives to make things perfect, what appeals to me about yoga is how unnecessary perfection is to experience a physically and mentally challenging yoga class. The differences among us are beautifully perfect in the modifications individuals make to their poses. It is the collective pursuit of our physical and mental health that unites us, not the similarities in our shapes.  I hope to provide you with an opportunity to kick your own butt with compassion.”


Charlie Kondor – yogi

“A dear friend changed my life by taking me to my first yoga class in the summer of 2017. It was there that I took my first breath. Taking that first whole breath started my journey into yoga.  I’m a dedicated student and practitioner first, and have trained formally in Hatha, alignment, and vinyasa flow. I’m a graduate of Yama Yoga Third Ward’s 200hr YTT.  My guiding philosophy in creating yoga practices is to strike a balance between strength and flexibility, exertion, and release. I endeavor to build creative sequences focused on alignment , strength, and mobility in a dynamic vinyasa flow. Expect to sweat, move, and breathe as you deepen your own journey.”


Paul Warloski – yogi and Boot Camp Trainer for Wild

“I want every person I work with to become fit, healthy, and confident in their own selves.  I help people become more mobile, strong, and ready to leap tall buildings in a single bound – or maybe two.  I am a former middle school English teacher (23 years!) who took early retirement to become a full-time cycling and running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.   Simple Endurance Coaching, my coaching business, uses the same idea of improving performance through better strength, movement, and endurance to help age-group runners and masters cyclists get after their adventure and bucket list goals.”

Our instructors have developed a strong array of different types of yoga classes, so you can find one that may work for you.

Tuesdays, 6 pm, Small Group Gym

Yoga Lab with Ruth BouletWe start with the basics of alignment. Then, we’ll break down poses in various ways – experiment if you will – to allow each student to learn & explore.

Wednesdays, 6 am, Small Group Gym

Fundamental Alignment with Charlie Kondor – Expect to sweat and strengthen in a class that applies fundamental alignment principles with a gentle flow joining movement to breath.

Thursdays, 4:15 pm Boot Camp Gym

Awkward Yoga with Paul Warloski Focus on breathing with movement, and we hold poses for a little longer than usual to practice the breathing.  We also move slowly through sequences and laugh often.

Fridays, Noon, Boot Camp Gym

Yoga Lunch with Ruth Boulet This all levels hour yoga class will give you an opportunity to move in new ways to refresh & relax your body. You’ll be ready to wrap up the work week, or get an early start to the weekend!

Saturdays, 9:30 am, Small Group Gym

Deep Focus Restorative Yoga with Charlie KondorThis slower paced class includes longer holds aimed at building strength and stability. We’ll also focus on breath techniques and meditation.


Our Small Group Gym is located at 3058 S. Delaware Ave, behind Small Pie.

Our boot Camp Gym is located at 2121 S. Kinnickinnic Ave, on the corner of KK & Bay St, in the Bay View Commons building.


Sign up for all of our Yoga classes on MindBody.

Yoga passes are $18 or a drop in pass, 5 for $75, or 10 for $125.

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions!