We’re keeping it simple.  Commit to 6 weeks of training – either Bootcamp or Small Group, and see your physical and mental health improve.

We will kick off this program with a Bonus Fitness Tracking workout (choose your class time – Saturday, 4/9 at 10 am, or Sunday, 4/10 at 7:15 or 8 am).  At this 30 minute, body weight workout, we will develop a baseline for your current strength and endurance levels.  Then over the next 6 weeks, our trainers will push you through fun and energizing workouts to help you increase your strength and endurance.  You will feel these changes physically and mentally as you focus on yourself and reap the benefits of an active life.  At the end of 6 weeks, we will repeat our Fitness Tracking workout (Saturday, 5/21 at 10 am, or Sunday, 5/22 at 8 am or 9 am).

We want those program to work for everyone, regardless of your current activity levels.  You can choose from either our 45 minute, fast paced Bootcamp classes or our 1 hour, strength training focused Small Group classes.  All of our workouts are meant to meet every individual participant at their level.

Bootcamp classes are bigger groups, with up to 12 people in a class.  Classes are fast paced and challenging, in a fun environment.  Our Small Group classes are much smaller – up to 5 people in a class, with a strong focus on proper form in strength training.  You will be able to choose any of our classes in the respective program.  We offer classes 6 days a week – with 31 Bootcamp options and 28 Small Group options every week.


So here is what you get:

6 Weeks of Training – April 11th – May 23rd

Options – Bootcamp 2x/ week (13 workouts) or Unlimited or Small Group 2x/ week (13 workouts)

2 Bonus Fitness Tracking Workouts (4/9 or 4/10 & 5/21 or 5/22)

New Clients will also have a Movement Evaluation with one of our Certified Personal Trainers prior to the start of the program


What if you are already a Wild Client?

You can upgrade your current membership for 6 weeks at a reduced rate.

If you are a 1x/ week client, you can bump up to 2x/ week; 2x/ week can bump up to 3x/ week; 3x/ week can bump up to unlimited.

And if you want to try something new, and go hybrid for 6 weeks, we can work that out for you too.


Are you ready to Commit to Fit?

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Training Program

What if you don’t want to wait?  You can purchase a Commit to Fit Jumpstart Program and get 3 additional weeks!  Start March 20th!


Current Clients at our Bootcamp Gym can email [email protected] to upgrade

Small Group clients can email [email protected] to upgrade