Becka Knaak Success Story

What made you decide that you wanted/needed to start Wild Workouts & Wellness?

I have always been fortunate to have “good genes” – meaning a somewhat thin frame with the ability to lose a few pounds as needed through simple portion control.  I hated exercise!

However, I had been slowly putting on weight since I quit smoking on May 20, 2012.  THEN, I turned 40 and my weight gain became more rapid.  I panicked when I got on the scale and realized I was the same weight as I was right before giving birth to my youngest son… only I was NOT pregnant.  I needed to do something, and fast!

At about the same time, my friend had been posting on Facebook about these $20 certificates for 8 boot camps at Wild, which would benefit the Parkside Garden Club.  She was also a Wild member, looked amazing, loved the classes and her progress was impressive.  Plus, I was going to Jamaica in 2 months.  So I decided to get the certificate, attend 8 boot camps, get “bikini-ready”, AND help her children’s school’s garden club at the same time.  Win-win!

What results have you achieved since starting Wild Workouts & Wellness?

My goals when initiating the one month trial on March 3rd were to lose 20 lbs and feel comfortable in a bikini again by the time we left for Jamaica on May 2nd.  After my one month trial I was on my way to meeting my goal!  I had lost 8 lbs and 2% body fat.  I felt great, I was making great progress and I could not stop now!  So I took the plunge and signed up for a one year, twice-a-week membership.  So glad I did!  By the time we left for Jamaica I had lost 15 lbs and 2.5% body fat.  You may think “that does not seem like much of an improvement” or that I “did not meet my goals,” but you would be mistaken… because in Jamaica I wore a bikini for the first time in more than 12 years, I wore it proudly, and I felt more than comfortable in it!  I even allowed my picture to be taken 😉

I’m still working toward that 20 lb weight loss goal, but more importantly… I love the way my clothes fit, the muscle definition in my arms and legs and my overall healthier appearance.

What do you like best about WILD/having a trainer?

First, I realized I do not hate exercising… I hated the repetition and predictability I experienced at other gyms.  With the Wild boot camps I never know what we are going to do from one day to the next.  We have “reps,” but not repetition – the exercises and activities are always changing – we are constantly moving rapidly from one action to the next.  I never have time to think, just act.  And it is fun!!!  The trainers are so accommodating, encouraging and even a little pushy.

By accommodating I mean that they understand everyone has different skill/ability levels.  When explaining the next exercise they give alternatives for people with bad “parts” (wrists, knees, back, etc.).  For example, I have a nagging shoulder injury and am unable to lift heavy objects over my head some days.  The trainers know me and know my injury and suggest alternative motions to get the same benefit without exacerbating my injury.

By encouraging I mean the trainers explain the correct form, help you perfect your form to achieve the maximum benefit from each exercise and provide lots of encouragement while you are sweating and grunting (“great job” “keep it up” “great form” “nice work”).

Finally, by pushy I do not mean “drill sergeant” pushy.  The trainers push you just enough to get you to challenge yourself.  If they see you are doing an exercise with little or no effort, they help you “up your game” with a heavier weight, or a more challenging movement.  You won’t achieve any goal without pushing yourself and challenging yourself to do better.  For example, at my first few workouts I could not complete the full set of reps on any one of the exercises; however, after almost 3 months I can do almost all of the reps for every exercise (almost) and even do the more challenging movement/weight on some of them!

I also love the people who go to Wild.  The members are very friendly and encouraging.  They represent all walks of life – age, gender, weight and skill level.  You feel like part of a community with a common goal of overall health.

What would you to say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

“Just do it!”

Seriously, that’s it.  We all have many excuses why working out does not work within our schedule, budget, mindset, etc.  But just do it – you’ll be glad you did and you won’t want to stop!