Whether you are new to meditation or have been practicing for a long time, there is nothing like community to start or deepen a practice. After all, it is our relationships that inspire us to grow.

Join us on Sunday, August 4th at 10am, as experienced yoga and meditation instructor, Meg Vetting Lucks, takes our community on a journey into the basics of mindfulness meditation practice.

Tradition and modern science agree that a short and regular meditation practice can enhance concentration, decrease stress and inflammation within the body, bolster the immune system and so much more. Meditation guidance and complementary techniques in breath and movement will accompany our session to meet you exactly where you are. Meg reminds us that meditation is an embodied experience so it’s perfect for fitness-conscious communities to adopt a meditation practice!

Attendees may bring their own cushion, pillow or blanket for sitting.

No prior meditation experience is required! Meditation is for everyone (seriously)! 

$5 Donation is suggested at the time of sitting.


More about Meg and her meditation and yoga community center, The Heart Revival, located in St Francis here.