’Tis the season of travel plans and crazy weekends.  It’s easy to push your wellness routine to the side, when in reality it’s one of the easiest ways to maintain any possible sanity during a crazy time.   Here’s an on-the-go body weight workout you can do anywhere.


High knee march
Squat and reach
Arm circles
Plank walkout (use this opportunity to engage your core and focus on your mind/body awareness)

Full Body Pyramid Workout

Start at 20 reps of every exercise, subtract 2 reps each time you finish the exercises until you get to 6. If you have time, take it back up the pyramid!

So, it will look a little like this:


Now, to the exercises. Complete all of these 20 times before moving on to your 18 rep round.

Squat Pulse
Push Ups
Jump Lunges (L+R= 1)
V-Ups (or, alt v-up)
Plank Walkup (or, plank shoulder taps, L+R=1)


Use a wall or go into a modified down dog position (just like yoga!) until you’ve caught your breath.
Stretch out your shoulders by bringing your arm across your chest, each side
Reach for the ground for a hamstring stretch
Use a wall or other surface to grab your right leg with your right hand for a quad stretch, switch sides

Let us know on our Facebook Page if you’ve tried this workout and how much you enjoyed it! And as always, enjoy times like these with friends and family 🙂