I have to say, I love the timing of recapping Team Wild’s Brewer’s 10K race as the Brew Crew heads into the post-season for the first time since 2011.  Just a nice bonus to add to a successful training program and race at Miller Park!

It was a wonderful experience coaching the Wild 10K team. This past July,  Paula Bausch, Sara Banach, Sarah Henery, Kim Theno and Kari Mattek joined the team. Some in our group had just finished the Couch to 5K program and the Humboldt Hustle, and were looking to build from that momentum. A few were running their first 10K, while some had previous experience running 10K’s or farther.  At the start of the program everyone had their goals, and for next 8 weeks they stuck with the training, worked together beautifully as a team, and had FUN!

For the next 8 weeks, our training included one weekly group distance run and Run Wild, a speed interval workout with Coach Kate.  Each week there were also independent homework runs, and strength training. It was a challenging 8 weeks, where we got plenty of practice running in the heat and humidity, some rain, plenty of hills, but the motto remained: “it’s a great day to run” and “running conditions: ideal.”

I was continually impressed with our team’s commitment to their goals, and support and encouragement for one another. They did a great job keeping each other accountable by posting their runs, and planning ahead to make up any missed runs due to traveling, work, etc. They worked hard and kept up with their training… and did so with lots of enthusiasm! This was a FUN team to coach!

Then, it was finally race day and Team Wild was READY!   We got to Miller Park nice and early. The air was chilled, and grogginess was quickly turning into excitement. After all those sticky training runs we got a cool day that was pretty much ideal  by the time the runners took off.

The Brewers 10K course was challenging yet rewarding, with long hills going through the Miller Valley, over bridges and into Miller Park, with a lap around the warning track- along the edge of the field. (The next coolest thing would be Bernie Brewer’s slide!)  I cheered out team on from the start, finish, and a few points on the course. One thing that struck me was how strong and confident they were running! I chalk that up to their hard work, preparation and teamwork. They were doing awesome!

No doubt, it was a great day to run! Team Wild’s hard work paid off- lots of PR’s and goals were achieved.  Here are a few examples:

Kim finished with a 10K PR and beat her pace goal.

Sara B. also hit a 10K PR, and finished the race stronger than ever before.

Kari ran her first 10K race- longest distance she’s raced- with a great time.

Paula ran her fastest 5K, and also fastest mile split.

Sarah H. beat her primary pace goal, and ran a negative split.


I’m so proud of our team for their achievements, and for everything they’ve done along the way.  It was an awesome 8 weeks of training and racing, and I know that with this group, it isn’t over.  They’re already looking ahead to the Discovery Run this October, and I know they’re going to crush it!