Our 28-day Commit to Fit Challenge is about building strength and gaining stamina, which is why there is only ONE option… Unlimited Boot Camp workouts!

We start and finish the Challenge with a Fitness Testing workout so participants can see exactly how much stronger they are by the numbers they put up. Let me tell you, the results were AMAZING!

During the final measurements, I also ask participants to turn in their workout log that they can track other activities such as their steps/walking, cycling, yoga and even other events like 5k races. I love seeing how commited everyone is to increasing their overall activity.

A side effect of increased activity and working out? Dropping body fat, inches and sometimes even pounds. In a challenge like this that is more focused on activity, sometimes the scale doesn’t move far. BUT everyone at check-out talked about how their clothes were fitting better, they had more energy during the day, they were sleeping better at night, their mood was up (despite the grumbling of an early winter arriving) and as we took measurements we could tell… because they tightened and toned and lost INCHES!

Congrats to everyone who participated, you guys are INSPIRING!

And now, drumroll please, the reason you clicked on this link… THE WINNERS!


As our Grand Prize winner, Michelle won 1 month of UNLIMITED Boot CampĀ  valued at $219.

Michelle’s reason for doing the 28-day Challenge? “To reset myself into healthier eating and a better mode for a work-life balance.” She was making poor food choices and giving into cravings.

After the Challenge we asked… What has improved since you started 28 days ago? “I’m back on track with food. I’m working out more regularly and putting myself as a priority in my time management – which is a BIG WIN for this teacher & mom who normally puts others first!”

What are you most proud of accomplishing in 28 days? “Staying on program during busy and stressful times. I had 3 nights of parent-teacher conferences (those are 12 hour days!), a weekend conference and another overnight (where I didn’t have access to my regular food or workout control), there was also the death of a friend. But through these stresses and changes I persevered!”

We agree Michelle! Those were certainly situations where it’s easy to be derailed, we are proud of you commitment!

Judy was our RUNNER-UP and won a FREE Challenge valued at $149.

Judy’s reason for doing the 28 day Challenge? “To increase my strength and improve my eating.”

After the Challenge we asked… What has improved since you started 28 days ago? “My strength and eating habits.” What are you most proud of? “My weight loss and my commitment to fitness.”

Annie Werner was our Accountability winner! Everytime a Challenge participant came into the gym for a workout, they were entered into the Accountability raffle. Obviously the more workouts you did, the more entries you got… and Annie got A LOT of entries. No wonder she WON! Annie won a FREE Specialty Class and 3 Infrared Sauna Sessions valued at $159. ALSO – check out those GAINS in Annie’s Fitness Testing before & after! WHOA!!!


And we want to give a SHOUT OUT to Wild client Christina Feliciano who not only attended a whopping 23 Boot Camp workouts in 28 days… but as a member of Wild’s Nutrition Program she applied what she is learning about herself and her particular nutrition wants and needs during the Challenge. We love the attention and mindfulness you’ve brought to the nutrition aspect and… IT WORKED! Keep up the good work Christina, for most people the nutrition portion is the hardest, we’re glad it’s clicking!

Here are some of Christina’s final thoughts & self-evalution on her successes this Challenge: