This year’s Summer Slimdown Challenge participants were focused from the get-go!

The winners of this 28-day challenge all said the same thing… the key was focusing on the workouts and the nutritional component. You can’t do one without the other! Especially if when you are expending energy during the workouts, you need to fuel your body properly to be able to recover and get back in the gym to do it all over again!


Lots of pounds, fat and inches were lost… and a lot of strength, endurance and confidence was gained!

Congratulations to all of our Summer Slimdown finishers; here are your WINNERS!

1st place: Jenny Mendenhall

She won: 1 month of Wild’s Unlimited Boot Camp workouts + 10 weeks of Wild’s Nutrition Support Program Fall Session ($318 value!)

2nd Place: AJ Dixon

She won: 10 weeks of Wild’s Nutrition Support Program + One Free Specialty Class ($198 value)

3rd Place: Katrina Kazik

She won: A Free Specialty Class + 4 Detoxifying Sauna Sessions ($159 value!)