I’m sure we’ve all said “Starting Monday I’m going to ‘fill in the blank.’ Many times that ‘blank’ involves moving more and eating less/better.

And then Monday comes and goes. Then the aim is NEXT Monday.

But it’s hard to hold yourself accountable!

That’s where a workout buddy comes in!

Here are THREE good reasons to find a workout buddy:

  1. Fitness is more fun with friends. And when its more fun, you’re going to stick with it longer. And the longer you stick with it, the better results you’ll get!
  2. You’re not only counting on them, they’re counting on YOU to show up when and where you say. It’s a lot harder to back out of something when you KNOW there is another person you need to report to that is waiting for you to show up.
  3. Working out alongside your buddy can encourage you to PUSH past your comfort level, work harder and increase your fitness threshold more than you would doing it by yourself. You can challenge each other to lift more, go faster, get better.

We understand the need for accountability. It’s easy to say “I’ll just do it at home” but how often does that happen? There’s something else that always gets our attention or distracts us, whether is dishes & laundry, kids’ activities & homework, the latest episode in a TV series, etc.

There will never be a “perfect” time to start a new routine, all of our lives are busy. BUT, find someone else and start something together. Make an appointment with each other to fit it in. I bet you BOTH need it.