Fitness Tracking is a free, 30-minute workout that takes place on a Sunday morning every 6-8 weeks or so. The same workout is repeated 3 times and you record your data for each exercise performed. For example, you might do 1 minute of burpees and record the number that you performed.

Fitness Tracking is one of my VERY favorite parts of Wild. And it’s not because of the potential for 1 minute of burpees, I promise. But WHY?
1. It is another way to measure progress. Hopefully you are taking advantage of your “Check-In” meetings where you and a coach discuss all of your successes and challenges and set goals for the next 2 months. This is a fantastic complement to that check-in. Just like you get real, tangible data on the scale or via the tape measure, fitness tracking gives you real, tangible data of how FIT you are getting which is why we’re all here. You can see how much stronger you are getting and how your stamina is increasing through the regular workouts you’re doing.
2. It helps you know what weights to select or what number of reps to shoot for in your regular classes. Fitness tracking is intended to be an ALL-OUT effort. At the end of that workout, you should have NOTHING left in the tank. So will you repeat that performance in every regular class, maybe not. But consider this: maybe you’re chest pressing 25# regularly. Then you go to fitness tracking and find that you are able to press 35# for several reps. Now you know 2 things: first of all, all that work you’ve been doing is working! And second of all, you’re ready to level up and push it more in your workout. Similarly, if you are able to complete 15 burpees in 1 minute, if you have a 30-second set in class, you can challenge yourself to complete 7 in each set. Then 8. And so on.
3. It’s 30 minutes. What does 30 minutes mean in Wild world? It certainly doesn’t mean easier. It means we condense everything we can into the best workout possible. So you can get in, out and on with it all while getting a fantastic workout.
4. Did we mention… it’s FREE!! Take advantage of this great perk of being a valued Wild Member!
Coach Christy