The Farmer Carry, like the Turkish Getup, is one of the most functional exercises that we do here at the gym.  Unlike Turkish Getups, they are one of the simplest exercises out there.  Notice I said simple, NOT easy!


To perform a farmer carry, all you do is pick up two weights of equal size and start to walk SLOWLY with good posture, bracing through your core and keeping your shoulders back and down.  So how can something so simple be so incredibly beneficial?


Here’s a short list of reasons why:

  • Upper back strength. By pulling your scapulae back and down, you are firing those important middle and upper back muscles (you know, the same ones we strengthen with band separators!)
  • Core strength.  You absolutely have to brace your core while you are doing farmer carries in order to protect your lower back and keep your entire body stabilized.
  • Strong and healthy forearms.  Grip strength is important, especially if you are looking to improve your deadlift and kettlebell swing!
  • Increases stamina
  • Increases endurance
  • Burns fat


But by far the most important reason why we do Farmer Carries is… so we can bring all of the groceries into the house in one trip!  I’m only half kidding on that one. But anything that helps keep our strength, endurance and stamina up while working under a heavy load is guaranteed to have many benefits across different areas of our lives.

Picking up your tired kid and walking through the zoo?  Check.

Carrying several carry-on bags and a suitcase through the airport?  Check.

Helping a friend move?  Check.

These are the kinds of activities that we want to be able to perform without repercussions.  So grab some weights, stand up straight, take it slow and embrace the Carry!


See you at the gym,

Coach Christy