Walking tacos are a midwest delicacy. Almost every person can remember the special occasions for school field trips or birthday parties that include the open Dorito bag and ground beef. While the general contents of the walking taco are not necessarily bad for you (protein and vegetable heavy) – it’s easy to tell the carb source could be easily improved.

So why not take the concept of the walking taco – a fun way for kids to eat a meal on a celebratory day, or a quick lunch that helps the parent on time and make it healthier? All you have to do is take extra meat from a crock pot, or smoker and add fresh veggies and organic chips.

Not into the chips option?

Make sweet potato fries for an even better carb option for the kiddos!

Once your ingredients are cut and ready to be added, simply layer a small dose of tortilla chips, load on the toppings and place them in a plastic bag to be transported around the yard or to school!