We had a lot of competition for runner’s time this weekend with all of the events going on this weekend plus the Wisconsin Badgers whooping the Michigan Wolverines!  In spite of that and the less than ideal weather, we still had a small group of dedicated runners show up for our Dash to the Bash 5k before the Bay View Bash.

Nice job to everyone who joined us and thank you for coming out!  An extra thank you to those that volunteered to help assist runners make it around the course safely.  Below you will find the results and we hope to see you at our next 5k run, the Great Pumpkin Chase at Pumpkin Pavilion on October 19th.

NameBib #Time
Ted Baszler41621:40
Mike Lepow40426:06
Cat Zyniecki41927:05
Jack McCormick42129:45
Carolyn Adkins41729:55
Gina Scherr41535:15
Dee La Belle41235:20
Sarah Henery41836:52
Amanda Smith40737:06
Julia Azari42038:47
Rebecca Thompson40840:33
Jayme Legas32041:30
Shawyna Nelson32541:30
Donna Symoniak41144:37
Erin Denk31845:00