Last weekend’s weather was great for running the 2018 Dash to the Bash!

What’s special about this event, is that 100% of the proceeds goes to support the Bay View Community Fund.   Which in turn, supports numerous local organizations and schools.  Wild Workouts and Wellness loves Bay View and we enjoy the opportunity to give back.

There are lots of thank-you’s to give out after an event like this.  First of all a big THANK YOU to the Wild Workouts and Wellness Team.  From course set up, to timing, and most of all cheering this would not be possible without our amazing Wild team.

Thanks to all the volunteers.  We need lots of people to run an event like this.  Thank you so much for carving out some time to help us out.

And last, but not least thanks to all the runners and walkers!  We appreciate that you used your fitness powers for good and helped us raise money for the Bay View Community Fund by running and walking the Dash.

Below you’ll see your finishing times your finishing times.  If we did miss your time, please accept our apologies.  Each year we are improving things like timing and logistics.  This is just a step in the right direction.

Time Name Bib Number
17:32 Terry German 198
20:38 Ted Baszler 191
20:49 Michael Aschenbrener 196
22:22 Lorenzo Malsch 182
22:40 Allison Ardnt 170
23:05 Sammy Gonzalez 199
23:09 Ben Malsch 172
26:30 Abs Mendez 169
26:51 Jenelle Roberts 197
26:54 Hillary Kenyon 193
27:44 Kari Smith 195
30:39 Austin Paccagnella 201
30:46 Sam Reynoso 185
30:50 Aaron Malsch 168
31:25 Sharon Collopy 188
31:30 Evan Kuester 200
32:38 Riley Brown 184
32:38 Sam Weber 186
33:10 Ashley Karbowski 171
33:23 Kelly Dunn 180
36:15 Katy Kujala-Korpela 194
38:03 Nicole Palasz 183
38:22 Hernan Reynoso 178
39:07 Shentel Manreesa 189
39:08 Brenda Jeske 173
43:00 Catherine Fezer 176
43:25 Thomasien Malsch 192
46:53 Shannon Kuester 187
47:57 Brooke Gagliano 174
49:02 Heather DeJesus 177
49:04 Jamie Budny 179