Wild Workouts and Wellness has welcomed clients to its fitness studios with encouragement and expertise for nearly two decades, and guided them to better strength, mobility and health.

Much like it’s Bay View neighborhood, Wild Workouts has built its foundation on a strong sense of community and a commitment to the work at hand. The owners, Tara Baszler and Tom Held, learned their craft from Wild’s founder, Amber Budahn, and continually expanded their knowledge through clinics and online courses; and most importantly – by working with clients nearly every day. 

In 2022, when the opportunity to buy Wild Workouts from Jason Neubauer arose, Tara and Tom acted swiftly to ensure their clients retained a path to their fitness goals. To provide a better program, they added coaches and teachers who share their commitment to professional growth and client service.

Tom and Tara share a deep belief in the value of fitness training to improve people’s lives, regardless of age, experience or ability. Over the years, Wild clients have scored personal victories that range from climbing a flight of uneven steps on a European vacation to running marathons. Those wins were shared by the Wild team and the friends who lifted, lunged and struggled by their side.

Wild creates and offers workouts that meet the needs of individuals: fast-paced Boot Camps, strength-building Small Groups and specifically tailored Personal Training. As it evolved under the new owners in 2022, Wild added yoga, Pilates and WERQ dance fitness classes to promote well-rounded fitness.

From its start nearly two decades ago, and through several ownership changes, the foundation of Wild remains strong: helping clients build the physical ability and confidence to do what they want to do!