• Be kind – We always strive to be the best part of our member’s day.
  • Be holistic – Apply a natural approach to nutrition, lifestyle and fitness that supports each member.
  • Be transparent – Approach everything with integrity, honesty and transparency
  • Be positive – Encourage others and be loving and compassionate to all
  • Be your best – Be at your best. Or at the very least be good. Encourage others to be the same.
  • Have fun – Be playful and enjoy yourself!
  • Exceed expectations – Bring value and exceed member expectations High value and exceeding expectations.
  • Be community-minded – Make friends in fitness and in health. Give back to the community and those in need.
  • Always improve – Strive for continuous education and improvement.
  • Be part of the team.


Here at Wild Workouts & Wellness, we are fully committed to empowering people to live healthier, happier and fuller lives.

Wild Workouts & Wellness is a health community that supports individuals on their fitness and health journeys.  The Wild Workouts and Wellness community provides a positive, safe, educational and most importantly, fun environment for clients to catapult lifestyle changes to help members live happier, healthier, and fuller lives. Wild Workouts & Wellness is more than just workouts, we provide holistic whole food nutrition advice, educational videos, home workouts, support groups, and most of all a fun, social environment.  Even though the majority of our workouts are group oriented, Wild Workouts & Wellness makes it a point to make a personal connection to each and every client.


The guaranteed way to achieve lasting weight loss and increase fitness levels is in a supportive community that feels like family while having fun.  We promise you will become part of a family that enjoys working out and is supportive and encouraging while also being challenged. You will be greeted by name by your coaches and clients alike and receive individualized attention while working out with your Wild friends in a group environment.

Wild Workouts and Wellness has been recognized as one of Milwaukee’s best for personal training and group workout studios by the WISN A-List and Best of Milwaukee.  Our safe and effective group personal training is based on professional program design and assessment, accountability, education and the convenience of the most available group training times in the Milwaukee area.

Unlike other boot camps and big box gyms where you and your goals get lost in the crowd, our services focus on providing individual attention in a supportive, group environment that feels like family.  Our highly trained staff can work with individuals of all skill and health levels and design programs and exercises to meet your needs.