Thank you to everyone who joined us for the Humboldt Hustle at Chill on the Hill.  We had perfect weather for a run and afterwards everyone got to enjoy the weather along with good music and food.

One of our goals was to help raise funds for the Bay View Neighborhood Association and I’m happy to say that Wild Workouts was able to donate over $220 to the BVNA which will be used to help install permanent bicycle racks near the band shell at Humboldt Park.  All of the great participants helped make that happen!

From both Wild Workouts and Bay View Neighborhood Association:

Thank you!

Here’s a shout out to Wild’s Couch to 5K program.

The C25K program is offered every spring with the goal of helping runners get ready to tackle their first 5k run.  The participants did absolutely awesome this year and had fun doing it.  It’s great to be a part of a team working towards the same goal and accomplishing it together.

Nice job Coach Carla getting everyone ready!

Coach Danielle getting everyone warmed up and ready to run with the assistance of Funk Summit Bass Team.

Those are some nice stretches!

Coach Kate ready and excited to lead the runners around the course.

Check out the pics of the runners making progress around the course.  Lots of great effort!

And finally, on to the winners.  Lots of great times set and strong finishes were witnessed; especially the all out sprint for 1st place separated by just 1 second!

1st place overall and top finisher under 18:

Daniel Schultz

2nd place overall and top finisher men:

Chris Larson

5th Place overall and top finisher women:

Jodi Kleinfeldt

Nice job everyone!

Results for the top 10 overall finishers:

Name Bib # Time Ranking
Schultz, Daniel 396 18:20 1st Overall; 1st place under 18
Larson, Chris 353 18:21 2nd Overall, 1st place men
Ibarra, Irving 397 19:32 3rd Overall, 2nd place men
Kleinfeldt, Cameron 351 22:55 4th Overall, 2nd place under 18
Kleinfeldt, Jodi 352 22:56 5th Overall, 1st place women
Scheib, Brian 401 23:09 6th Overall, 3rd place men
Collins, Andrew 399 23:20 7th Overall
Sommerville, Kate 379 23:22 8th Overall, 2nd place women
Karnes, Sasha 392 25:18 9th Overall, 3rd place women
Lepow, Mike 321 25:31 10th Overall

Full results can be found here:

Our final thanks go out to Patty and the BVNA for being great partners with Wild Workouts.  And last but not least, all of the individuals that volunteer their time to help out with directing runners and keeping everyone hydrated.

Wild’s next run will be taking place in a few weeks at the Bay View Bash; check out the details here.  Hope to see you there!