A big THANK YOU to all of those clients that filled out the Wild Workouts & Wellness Client Survey a few weeks ago. One of our core values is to constantly improve, and your feedback helps us do that. We want to make sure that you are having a great experience, we value and appreciate your business.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions and stated concerns… and our answers and solutions.

“Can we get some more fans at Boot Camp? It gets stuffy in there sometimes.”

Fair enough! Coming Soon!

“The water container isn’t big enough for a class of 15-20 people.” 

Again, I hear ya. We are now actively looking into getting a new water cooler/system… something.

“Do trainers have first aid certifications? Is there a first aid kit? Do you have AED’s?”

All of Wild’s coaching staff is first aid certified. Both locations have first aid kits ready to go. We don’t currently have AED’s but now that you’ve brought that to our attention we are looking into getting them at both locations.

“The Boot Camp floor has gaps and I’m worried I will trip, or someone else will.”

That’s a concern of ours too, and has been. The floor got pulled up after an intense tug of war match. At that time we tried to rectify it, but it was summer and it was our belief that the floor had expanded because of the heat and that’s why we couldn’t get it to lay back properly. Since its gotten cooler we have tried again, but usually only two of us, which makes trying to do the whole floor a difficult task. We already have in the books a Wild Team Flooring Day this week where we are going to attempt to pull the floor up and lay it back down… WISH US LUCK!

“I’m not a huge fan of the outdoor workouts.” And, “I love the outdoor workouts, can we do more?”

We have clients on both sides of the aisle here. Our compromise is that we only do outdoor workouts from Memorial Day to Labor Day, one day a week during that time, and we post the schedule of outdoor workouts at the location so you can plan accordingly.

“How often is the gym cleaned?”

We have dedicated cleaning staff at each facility. Both locations are cleaned, including vacuuming & mopping of the workout room floor, twice a week.

“What’s the policy on footwear? I sometimes see people barefoot and then later in the workout we’re doing floor exercises. “

This is actually a great time of year to address footwear.

1) Please wear street shoes/boots outside and carry in your workout shoes. It’s wet/snowy and we don’t want to track that in to the workout room. You can sit and change your shoes before/after a workout.

2) We understand that sometimes a person finds more stability being barefoot than in a shoe, but we are not a barefoot gym and can understand others uneasiness on this situation. And we don’t really feel that regular socks would be safe alternative. Can we make a few suggestions to those people who like the minimalist feel – there are great  “yoga shoe socks” out there that would offer grip and prevent slip (Google it and you’ll see a TON!), as well as Vibram shoes.

“I’m not interested in all of the supplements or nutrition, I just want to workout.”

GREAT! Just come in and do the workouts! Our mantra is that people need to do what makes sense for their individual needs and lifestyle. Individual goals and struggles vary and we want to be able to help ALL clients achieve their health & fitness goals.

Some people NEED the extra accountability that Wild’s Nutrition Group gives them. They need the weekly weigh-ins, meetings and meal plans to get them on track and/or keep them on track. We can give you a good workout but we can’t follow you around all day to help guide your nutritional decisions. Its the same reason Weight Watchers has been around for so long, some personalities need a structured program.

The reason we started carrying Nature’s Sunshine products is because people were constantly asking us about supplements. What to take, what brand we liked, what they should look for, etc etc. So we did some (ok, a lot) of research and brought in a whole food based supplement line that we believe has good sourcing, good quality control, good absorption AND that we’ve seen time and time again our clients get results with (and that we use ourselves!)

Our mission is to educate clients on what goes into their bodies and the programs and products that we offer. That’s why we do a wellness consultation with new clients (and any existing clients who want more information). For some people it makes sense, for some people it doesn’t. We just want you have the information to make the best decisions for your life and lifestyle… and that’s different for everyone!

“I like going to the same trainer but sometimes the schedule changes and I have someone different.”

People like consistency and routine, clients and staff included. When we make changes to the schedule it might be due to unforeseen circumstances, a conflicting personal event, individual family routine changes, staff vacations, etc. Luckily we have a close team that has great communication and can step up and fill in when the need arises. The newest addition to our team has been with us for over a year now!

There are a lot of different personalities. We recognize that not every trainer is for every client… and that’s ok. That’s why we have a varied staff with different coaching styles that teach at different days/times and there’s not one coach that monopolizes classes. Most important to us is not personality differences, but your client experience. If you need to be pushed more… or need us to back off… please communicate with us directly.

“Sometimes I want to know more about the exercises and the benefit we get from doing them.” And, “I’d love to see more information on how to progress on certain exercises, like push-ups or pull-ups.”

We really want to maximize your work-time in the gym. So admittedly we don’t get too wordy on the exercise demonstrations. Lucky for you we have blog posts for just this reason! Recently we talked about the benefits of Turkish Getup’s and Band Separators.

We will have more upcoming posts about progressing certain exercises. That’s a great idea! Thanks!


To recap, here is what’s in the COMING SOON category:

More fans, bigger water cooler, AED’s, floor and general gym repair/maintenance.


Again, THANK YOU so much for your feedback!

Please contact us if you have any additional questions/concerns/comments/suggestions!