Samantha Reynoso Success Story

What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?

So many reasons – after having my third child and staying home with the kids I lost a sense of self other than ‘mom’ so it’s nice to have something for me – doing something healthy while having a supportive social network. I also was starting to feel horrible about myself and have struggled with self esteem/body issues for most of my life. It’s good to thin down, challenge myself and become stronger. While I’ve been thinner in my life, I’ve never been as strong. And most importantly- my mother died from breast cancer nine years ago and my first cousin was diagnosed with the same type of aggressive cancer. I know the best thing I can do to ensure that I have a fighting chance to see my grandchildren is to take good care of my body. Unexpected results include: my daughters being actively interested in moving their bodies and being ‘strong’, being able to sleep well and through the night and a major decrease in anxiety.

What results have you achieved since starting your program?

I’ve definitely lost pounds, inches, body fat and I’ve gone down several sizes in clothes. I’ve never, not once in my life, had muscle definition before and that’s kind of exciting. But really, the physical achievements that I appreciate the most are the huge increases in energy and endurance – and I finally feel more confident in my body’s abilities. I have begun to challenge myself more – doing harder modifications – and I’m thinking about taking additional classes at Wild – like boxing or kettlebells – and maybe trying to run a race but I’m looking for a beginner buddy for that. Oh! I also now sincerely like to do burpees – especially burpee jacks – but I’m still waiting for Mountain Climbers to become fun….

But, I think other than physical health; the best part of WILD is the community. I truly feel well cared for – that the trainers have my best health interest at heart when they encourage or push me. I’ve met and bonded with so many great people – I look forward to seeing them every day and have become friends with them outside of the gym. The trainers and the clientele are amazing. I remember my first week – we were doing a circuit that ended with a run around the block and I was tired the 3rd time around – I started to walk instead of run, and the woman in front of me slowed a little, touched my shoulder, and said “come on – you can do it – we’ll run together”. It’s moments like that. Or when Kate stays after class to help me with my hip hinge form so that I can effectively do kettlebell swings. Or when I think Jamie has over estimated my ability (lesson learned – don’t doubt the trainers) and my workout partner insists that we box jump the bench instead of the lower stepper. There’s always someone beside you – motivating you and keeping you accountable – cheering you on. It’s really special.

What do you like best about our program/having a trainer?

I like that WILD is about the whole client – I feel motivated – I like that the trainers push me (more weight, faster, higher jumps, mountain climbers on the wall stirrup things) so that I don’t plateau… but I also like that when I tell them something doesn’t feel right, they modify for me and I still get a good workout, safely.  I love that real nutrition (not a bar or a shake or a juice) is a key part of the success at WILD.

I really love that even though I come to WILD nearly every day – the workouts are never the same and they are fun! Even when there’s an exercise I don’t particularly adore – I know I can push myself to do anything for 30-60 seconds.  They’ve done an excellent job of having a really well rounded program.

What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

Give it a try. Come with a friend once to see the atmosphere of the gym – then sign up for a 30 day challenge. You’ll see results, you’ll love it, and you’ll be addicted! Take it from me (a former hater of all things work out or sport related). Don’t let the cost scare you, while other gym memberships may be less expensive you won’t have the support or the results that Wild offer.